18 dating ideas for the budget conscious

18 Dating Ideas for the Budget Conscious

An astonishing, romantic date doesn’t mean lots of expenses. Of course, in movies, we see everything differently: an evening dress, a huge bouquet of roses, dinner at the best restaurant in the city, a room in an expensive hotel. All this is beautiful, but, unfortunately, each of us has moments when it becomes an unaffordable luxury to arrange such a date.

But don’t be discouraged if you’re broke right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an exciting romantic date with a girl from one of the Russian brides online platforms. Romance doesn’t have to be expensive — it only has to be creative. You can have an awesome date that costs you nothing, or you can have a regular date that will cost you a few thousand dollars.

How to Arrange a Date Without Money

It’s easy to arrange a romantic date without money because romance is not the amount on a restaurant bill. That is the amount of time spent with your partner. It’s about enjoying each other and the little things that are close and understandable only to you two. Recall a funny or romantic moment from your mutual past, your meeting and acquaintance, the first dance, and the first kiss. Drink coffee together, standing on the balcony, and enjoying a warm summer evening. Watch an old favorite movie, hugging and wrapped in a blanket.

Budget-friendly Dating Ideas

Here are some free (or very budget-conscious) dating ideas:

  1. Cook dinner together (light candles, turn on soft music — and a romantic mood is guaranteed).
  2. Picnic by the pond. If there is a lake or pond in your area, go for a picnic. And don’t forget the blanket and wine.
  3. Watch the sunset. Go to the balcony, or go to the observation deck, if there is one in your city. If you live on the seaside, be sure to watch the sunset on the beach.
  4. Play your favorite board game. If there are no board games, play cards. If there are no cards, then the other game. The main thing is that it is fascinating and fun for you both.
  5. Go fishing or hiking. There is nothing more romantic than admiring the stars together and then spending the night in the mutual sleeping bag.
  6. Visit a free lecture or workshop. Such events are held quite often. You can find information about them on specific sites or social networks.
  7. Go to an exhibition or museum together. Often, tickets to small museums are cheap, while large ones can be afforded on special days (or at night, for example, during the Night at the Museum promotion).
  8. Dance. You can choose a slow waltz or fiery Latin rhythms — the main thing is that you both like the music.
  9. Give a massage. It is not necessary to have special knowledge and massage skills — soft strokes are enough. Don’t forget about oil, as well as light scented candles and play quiet relaxing music.
  10. Walk around the city, visit the places with which you have pleasant memories. Or you can ride bicycles around the city, having drawn up an exciting route in advance. At the end of the trip, you will be able to take a short break with a snack.
  11. Go rollerblading or ice skating in the park. For little money, you will get a lot of pleasure and fun.
  12. Join the volunteer movement. For example, on weekends, you can walk with the dogs from the shelter and have a lot of fun with new four-legged friends.
  13. Go to the forest together to pick berries or mushrooms. Make a treat out of them. Cooking together brings people closer, and the exciting date will be very budget-friendly.
  14. Go to a dance lesson. Of course, in one session, you will not learn to dance professionally, but enjoy each other’s company and learn the basic movements without spending too much money.
  15. Have a horror night if both of you are fans of the genre. Watch a scary movie holding hands or scare each other with chilling stories.
  16. Create a flower bed or plant some vegetables near your home. You can also do it on the balcony. Joint work and its results will delight you. Besides, you can grow tasty and healthy food.
  17. In summer, go to one of the many open-air festivals for free.
  18. Take a walk around the flea market to find unusual stuff. Think about how it can be restored and used to decorate your home.

All these are simple things, but our relationship and our life are made of such trifles. Romantic dates don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, to diversify your leisure time, it is enough to show your imagination and surprise your soulmate with an unusual activity. You can play scouting, learn how to start a fire with one match, or merely watch the sunrise by the fire. Remember that working together brings you closer together, preventing the relationship from cracking.

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