Become popular at school

3 Simple Ways to Becoming Popular at School

Many people find it very desirable to be popular. Of course, popularity does not have to be a synonym for wrong, insidious, judgmental, or negative behavior. Instead, popular individuals are usually respected and admired. You too can become popular by staying true to yourself, always including others, and getting involved in your community.

Be yourself

Examine why you need to be popular.

Before you sacrifice your time, energy, and resources to become popular, you should evaluate why you want to be more popular. Are you maybe looking for acceptance? Would you like to get more attention? Are you trying to rebel or reinvent yourself? Even if you try really hard to be liked by everyone – and you behave perfectly – you may never become popular in the eyes of society. What will happen if you miss your target? How will you deal with it if you don’t manage to make this wish a reality? What other outlets and activities could you try while trying to discover your authentic self?

Stay true to yourself

You don’t necessarily have to conform to societal norms or completely reinvent yourself to become popular. Instead, you should strive to be the best version of yourself – be as compassionate, warm, courageous, and authentic as you can. Your self-confidence will also increase when you become aware of your true self. You will become more adventurous, passionate and interesting. Your social anxiety will decrease and other people will be more attracted to you. Discover what you believe in and who you are – completely independent of others – at the bottom of your heart. Never change your personality just to fit in and get other people to like you.

Stand up for your beliefs.

Never sacrifice your personal values ​​and beliefs just to be more accepted and liked by others. Instead, you should openly stand up for the things you believe in and love. Start new trends instead of following the old ones.

Always stay humble.

Never underestimate the power of humility. People who take themselves too seriously are usually not the good company – loosen up and just live your life. On the other hand, it’s also not attractive when someone constantly boasts about their achievements, money, or possessions – wait for others to congratulate you or compliment you. If you make a mistake or really put your foot in it, don’t be afraid to have a good laugh at yourself. When you accomplish something incredible or do something great for someone else, you should never be vocal about your accomplishments. If you get a new outfit or a new cool item, you should never rub it in anyone’s face.

Watch your looks.

Taking care of your appearance is the easiest way to improve your social prospects and influence how others think of you. You don’t necessarily have to wear expensive or trendy clothes. Instead, you should ensure that you look presentable and well-groomed at all times – think about your outfit, take care of your hair and ensure perfect personal hygiene. Also, experiment with clothes and makeup to find your unique and layered style.

Include others

Expand your circle of friends.

While everyone does not necessarily like popular people, they are usually known by everyone. Therefore, you will have to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances to gain more popularity. Make an effort to meet more people, get to know them, hang out with them, and befriend them. Smile and say hello to each new person. Eat lunch with a new person every day.

Avoid negative judgments and bullying.

Even if you strive hard to be popular, you should never do it at the expense of others. Always remember: A kind, compassionate person will make more friends than a mean, self-confident person. Never make negative value judgments about other people; always side with them and have their backs. Don’t bully other people; make friends with them. Be friendly to everyone outside of your circle of friends. If you always hang out with people from your clique, where everyone else is viewed as an outsider, you’re unlikely to make many friends outside of your clique. Instead, you should strive to gain everyone’s respect and friendship.

Always be supportive and helpful to other people.

Helping others achieve their goals and being kind to them as they bask in their success is a great way to build a positive reputation. Put aside your own need for attention or the desire always to be the best. Instead, encourage and support those around you to reach for the stars. With your compassion, you will be able to surprise and delight others. Offer to help another person with their homework or project. Stay a little longer after sports practice and practice with a teammate. Congratulate others for their achievements.

Talk to people who don’t like you about their behavior and come to terms with them.

Bullies, haters, and other negatives, unkind people will always be in your life, whether you’re popular or an outsider. You may know these individuals quite well or be complete strangers. If you want to live a healthy and authentic life – and if you never end up being popular – it is extremely important to address the behavior of the people who dislike you and deal with them properly. Remove toxic people from your environment. Stop spending time with a negative friend who constantly puts you down. Stand up for yourself. Let this person know that you don’t appreciate their behavior at all and won’t put up with their negative treatment any longer. Do not take it personally. Bullying does not reflect your personality but that of the bully. The problem isn’t you; it’s the other person.

Get more involved

Say “yes” when it comes to trying new things.

Exposing yourself to new experiences and adventures is a great way to build confidence and meet new people. When someone asks you if you want to try something new, never be afraid to say yes. Put your fears and doubts aside, fully embrace the new opportunity and broaden your horizons. You might even discover a new hobby you love or a great new friendship along the way. Try new restaurants. Sign up for a painting class or a physical education class. Learn to play a new instrument.

Attend various events and parties.

Attending sporting events and parties is a great way to expand your circle of friends and increase your popularity. Events of this type allow you to interact with other people in a more relaxed environment. Mingle with people at the next party and make new friends. Get to know all your colleagues at the next Christmas party.

Join a sports team, club, or association.

Involving extracurricular activities is a wonderful way to increase your profile and popularity. You will form close, lasting friendships with your colleagues, and your achievements will draw the attention and admiration of those around you. Audition for the school musical. Become a member of the debating club. Become Head Boy.


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