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3 Simple Ways to Wrap a Book as a Gift

Whether you’ve chosen a crime thriller for your boyfriend or a romance novel for your sister who’s into heartbreak, books make great gifts for the people close to you. In general, packaging a book is easy. But you can give your gift extra by tying a great bow or using interesting wrapping paper.

Wrap a book in gift paper

Wrap your book in tissue paper.

Place the book against one edge of the tissue paper, then tuck it in. You can use scotch tape to tape the tissue paper together if you want. This way, you can avoid damaging the book since you can now stick the wrapping paper to the tissue paper with scotch tape and not accidentally to the book cover.

Unroll enough paper to cover the book and cut the paper in a straight line.

Unroll some of your chosen wrapping paper. Lay it flat on the table with the inside (white) facing you. Once you’ve done that, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut straight from one end of the wrapping paper to the other. The cut should be made parallel to the gift roll. Use quick, small snips to help you cut in a straight line. If you’re worried about not being able to cut in a straight line, get wrapping paper that has boxes printed on the inside.

Fold the sides of the paper and glue them together.

Place the book in the center of the wrapping paper and fold one side of the paper so that it covers half of the book. Gently pull the paper so it fits snugly, and then tape the wrapping paper to the tissue paper with a piece of tape. Then repeat the process with the other side of the wrapping paper.

Fold the top and bottom sides of the paper to form a triangle.

Fold the top of the paper over the book toward the book. Now take the two corners of this folded piece and fold them towards the book’s center. The resulting corners should form a triangle.

Fold the triangular tip towards the book and glue it in place.

Draw the folded, triangular tip over the book. Gently pull the paper and tape it to the wrapping paper with a piece of scotch tape.

Repeat the process on the other side, at the bottom of the book.

Turn the book, so the unfolded side is facing up. Now turn this corner over to the book. Fold the two corners of the paper you just folded into a triangle as you did before. Then pull the triangle, place it over the book and glue it.

Add a loop

Take a roll of ribbon, place it on one side of the gift and tuck the loose end over your book.

Place your gift ribbon on either the left or right side of the wrapped book, then pull the loose end of the ribbon horizontally across the front of your wrapped gift. Stop when the ribbon extends a little beyond the edge of the book.

Now bring the roll of ribbon under your book and wrap it around the back of the gift.

Hold the loose end of the band in place with your finger. Lift the book, pull the spool under the book and bring the tape forward again. Hold the end of the band in place with one hand. The ribbon should fold over the center of the gift and form an “X”.

Pull one end of the band up and the other end down.

Pull the end above the “X” down and the band below the “X” up. The gift ribbon forms a cross on the paper.

Hold the loose end of the ribbon in place and wrap the other end of the gift ribbon underneath.

Use a finger to press the band down onto the book or to hold it in place. Lift the book and bring the scroll over the top of the gift, behind the back and then towards the center of the cross.

Hold the side of the ribbon rolled up over the center of the cross as you cut the ribbon.

Press your finger in the middle of the cross to hold everything in place and unroll about 30-50cm of extra ribbon. Use sharp scissors to cut the ribbon off the roll.

Bring the end you just cut off under the cross.

Take the new loose end and pull it over the top right corner of the cross. Then pass it under the lower left corner of the cross.

Tie a knot.

Hold both ends in one hand and gently pull the knot together. Press the middle of the cross with your index finger so the band fits well. Then tie a simple knot.

Tie a bow and cut off the ends.

Again, take both ends of the ribbon in your hands and tie them in a simple bow. Tighten the bow. Pull until you have two loops of the same size. Cut the two loose ends of the bow so that the ends are also the same length. For a more elegant result, take one end of the bow and fold it in half vertically. Now cut diagonally upwards, from the folded bow’s left to the right side. Then unfold this and repeat the process on the other side of the loop with the second loop.

Get creative when wrapping a book

Incorporate text into your packaging to give the recipient a hint that the gift is a book.

If you’re creative and you want to wrap the book in a unique way that’s also fun, consider making your wrapping paper or using a subtle book theme for the wrapping. For example, you can wrap the book in a newspaper and use a colored bow. You can also fold a paper rose, write something on it, and then glue it to the front, wrapped page of the book.

Use paper that echoes the book’s theme to indicate your chosen reading material.

Wrap the book in the paper that reflects the book genre, theme, or characters of the story. For example, you can wrap a children’s book in coloring pages or a travel guide in maps.

Glue the book’s first paragraph onto the wrapping paper to add interest.

After wrapping your gift, write the book’s first paragraph in a blank Word document. End the paragraph with an ellipse and write something like “Enjoy the story” in a larger and different font. Then print out this page. Cut out your text and glue it onto pre-cut construction paper for a nice frame. Then tape your “preview” with your greeting to the front of the wrapped book.


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