3 Smart Ways to Use a Blog to Boost Your Retail Business

A blog allows you to connect your retail business with customers in an engaging way. It can also play different roles to positively impact your brand.

If you own a retail business, you know that generating traffic could be a challenging task. After all, it takes a great deal of communication skills to reach out to your customers and target audience. This is why many business owners have turned to blogging to attract potential clients.

Perhaps you’ve already done this yourself. You created a business blog, created a bunch of articles, all while eagerly anticipating customers to flood your shop. Unfortunately, the influx of new customers never arrives. Even worse, it looks like not a single new customer came to check your blog.

What went wrong?

Whether you’ve tried creating a blog and had no success or avoided creating one altogether, this post is for you. Below are 3 smart ways you can leverage your blog for your retail business.

Showcase Your Products

The problem with most retail businesses these days, is that they don’t maximize opportunities to show their product being put to best use. If you have a business website, you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your product by writing blog posts.

We’ve already seen how omnichannel marketing strategies have delivered more favorable customer experiences to modern-day shoppers, which helps promote increased brand loyalty. Physical stores are particularly at an advantage when it comes to customer services and personalization. In this case, the retailer can maneuver the influence of their blog in promoting their products.

By using a blog, you can show your customers how your products will meet their needs, which can help build trust and confidence in your brand. You can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a product by:

  • Specifying products in terms of size, color, model/style, etc.
  • Showcasing reviews from real clients.
  • Logistics in terms of product delivery and distribution.

The thing is, not a lot of retail businesses show their products being enjoyed or put to use by their customers. Consider crafting a blog about how your product can be used. You can share tutorial videos and how-to articles related to your product. For example, if you own a clothing brand, you can show your products being worn with other items you sell and encourage them to mix-and-match and create their own fashion statement.

Remember that customers are constantly looking for ways to do something. Through blog posts, you can show them how your product can help solve common customer problems or make things more convenient for them.

Gain Exposure and Improve Online Visibility

Take Advantage of Influence Marketing

The goal is that, when people Google a topic related to your industry, your blog will appear in the top search results. While it’s ideal to be in the top 10 results, it’s being able to rank in the top 3 that will truly help boost traffic to your blog, thus increasing your exposure.

Influencer marketing is one option to consider. You can create a buzz by asking fellow bloggers or influencers to write reviews/articles about your retail business. According to Forbes, influencer marketing is growing faster than digital advertising. Popular influencers promoting your products on their own blogs is a great way to boost brand awareness and get your content in front of many potential customers.

Craft Shareable Content

Likewise, you need to constantly create new content that is relevant, timely, and can be repeatedly shared throughout consumer-centric platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Again, you can share tips and tutorials – useful, informative content that readers can use and share in their social media accounts.

This could be a hit or miss, one that may not always result in immediate sales, but it will help drive traffic to your site, expose your product, and reach a wider audience. Eventually, when people are ready to purchase, the first thing that will come to mind will be your brand.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

Blogging regularly about valuable content related to your retail business, along with incorporating relevant keywords, can also help your blog rank higher in search engine results. On the other hand, if SEO management isn’t your forte, there are reliable places out there that can assist you, particularly those that specialize in SEO copywriting.

If SEO can be done effectively, it can significantly maximize your business efforts and get your content listed with major search engines like Google. Using your blog as a SEO tool also provides you with higher business credibility, making it more reputable than the competition.

Boost Your Credibility

According to a Google survey, 80% of consumers conduct online research on a company or business prior to making a purchase with them. Your blog can be the perfect place to give them a buying guide to the products you sell.

Be A Leading Expert

You can start by positioning yourself as an industry expert by sharing your thoughts, experiences, and insights. But when writing a blog, you must use empathy with your readers. By sharing common ideas and experiences with your customers, you’re building a relationship with them. This strengthens the retailer-customer bond, which can help increase traffic through your door.

Additionally, you can create articles answering questions your customers regularly ask. Remember not to be a salesman when writing this type of content. Write as if you’re talking to a friend that you want to know the absolute truth. You can add images in the article to help readers understand why one product feature is better, in what circumstance, as well as its shortcomings.  Giving out honest, expert advice can help build a strong rapport with your customers.

Be An Informative Guide

You can also create step-by-step guides and how-to articles that are relevant to your target customers. These types of content are popular these days since people are always searching for new ways to do something. You can do the same thing on your blog and show how your product can solve a problem or make people happier.

Aim to inform your readers in a way that doesn’t have the goal of generating income. Instead, help them be better informed about your products.

Spread the Word Through Guest Blogging

Apart from content creating, sharing, and promotion, guest posting is another option to consider.

Guest blogging is a fast and effective way to expand your influence, where you can reach an even wider audience via popular blogs in your chosen niche and develop quality backlinks. These will also drive conversation on social media sites, which can lead to more networking opportunities that can further solidify your brand as an authority.

By connecting with your target audience, you’ll leave a positive impression on them, which can drive repeat traffic for your retail business’ website. Shoppers who found you through guest posts will also recommend your product to others, which in turn, can help gain more referral traffic to your site. What’s more, not only will you gain rapport with potential customers, you can also leave a strong impression with other industry entities, which can be valuable in the long run.


Remember: Blogs will only gain popularity if they become useful to the readers.

A lot of retail blogs fail in this aspect, mainly because they don’t focus on what the customers really need. Create content that are interesting and relevant to your target audience. You will not only answer their questions, but show them that you really understand their needs. Surely they’ll remember you for it and will much rather choose your business over the competition.

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