5 myths about the lives of rich and successful businessmen

Owning your own business changes the lifestyle and even the mindset of an entrepreneur. But not always in such a radical way, as it seems to many people who are distant from the business world. Let us dispel the main myths about the life of businessmen.

The Businessman Works When He Wants to.

People who have to commute to work in a crowded subway, a stuffy bus, or their car through traffic jams may involuntarily envy businessmen. After all, they probably get enough sleep, don’t fine themselves for being late, and generally only work when they are inspired.

In fact: an entrepreneur should be included in the work at any time. Simply because he is the one most interested in the success of the business. And when the staff expands, the manager should be on call all the more to coordinate the work process and solve urgent tasks.

Businessmen look for profit in everything, even in people.

Even the most sociable person, after starting his own business, eventually gives up meetings with friends and family evenings in favor of work. Ignorant people may think that it’s because a businessman is a person who has subordinated his life to the idea of making money. And he now measures people by numbers: “This one I can sell a product to, from this one I can get a discount on materials, and this one will help me with promotion.” And if the entrepreneur stops communicating with his usual circle, then, apparently, it’s all about the fact that old friends can’t make any profit.

In fact: money is good, but friends are much more important. The value of family and true friends does not change depending on what one does. Of course, any budding entrepreneur tries to form useful connections and involve friends and family in the development of the business, but not against their wishes. It is the people immersed in business who understand best that time is money and are willing to reward any hard work.

Owning your own business allows you to make money with a shovel.

Business is growing, but the entrepreneur isn’t raising his employees’ salaries or renting a better office? It’s probably because he’s buying himself another yacht and diamonds for his wife! It is a common misconception: “A business is always a good income and a guarantee of wealth, otherwise there is no point in doing it.

In fact: yes, the professionalism of the employees combined with a good product will bring the company an income. But the costs of producing the product, promotion, shipping, and issues from the range of how to 1099 someone, take a lot of money and time. And in the first year of business, they may even exceed the income. The practice is that many entrepreneurs are forced to save on their salaries for a while to bring the company at least to zero.

The purpose of a businessman’s life is solely his chosen business.

An ordinary person: periodically changing jobs or even professions, performing new tasks for himself. Entrepreneur: probably does the same thing all his life. Once he has opened his own business, he cannot think about anything else. And now his goal is to develop the business by all means.

In fact: a successful entrepreneur does not become a fanatic about his business. He understands that if his idea fails and his product goes unclaimed, something else will come along.

Businessmen are only interested in their own business.

When someone you know starts a business, you’ll know about it. The whole information field starts talking about it. There are posts on social media about the “unique and most needed product” that you will hear about more than once during face-to-face meetings. And it is not difficult to predict what you will receive as a gift from this businessman on the next holiday. You get the impression that the person is not interested in anything else. Moreover, he wants to impose his interests on others.

In fact: it all depends on the person himself. Opening your own business does not automatically lead to limitations and loss of connection with the whole world. A competent entrepreneur is interested in everything and can maintain a conversation on various topics. He strives to keep abreast of developments – both in his topic and in related ones.

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