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5 Spring And Summer Shirts Every Guy Needs

One of the best ways for a guy to express his personal style is through different shirts. And there’s no better time to experiment and get the best of this fashion piece than spring and summer!

No jackets, coats or sweaters make your shirt the centrepiece of the outfit, and every day brings an opportunity to shine.

It’s easy to get stuck with the same 1-2 styles, though, so to avoid becoming boring, make sure your wardrobe is fully stocked with different shirts and t-shirts.

And we’re here to help with that. Here are five spring and summer shirts every guy needs.

Linen shirt

Let’s start with the classic and an absolute summer essential, a linen shirt.

It’s versatile, comfortable and comes in multiple styles and colours.

You can dress the linen shirt up with chinos and a blazer or keep it casual with shorts or even swim trunks.

You can wear a linen shirt to work, a dinner date, a weekend on the beach and a wedding. Talk about a hard-worker!

Get at least a couple of these bad-boys in different colours. Your best options are white, beige, grey, navy, blue or light pink.

Short sleeve print shirt 

Print shirts are going strong for the last few seasons, and this year’s no exception.

If you’re not up for a long-sleeved print shirt in florals or polka-dots, we totally understand. It can be difficult to pull it off. But that’s where short-sleeved shirts shine.

Actually, in this case, print fabrics are far superior to plain colours.

If you want to go big, get a shirt with flowers, botanicals or Hawaiian-inspired ornaments. If you’re still a beginner, start small with tiny dots, stripes and geometrics.

It’s easy to pair a short-sleeved print shirt with summer shorts or chinos, and don’t forget loafers, espadrilles or white leather sneakers.

Polo shirt 

Preppy yet casual, a polo shirt is perfect for those occasions when a t-shirt is not acceptable, but a shirt is already too much.

The most important thing about looking good in a polo shirt is getting the right fit.

The polo shirt should fit close to your body but shouldn’t be too tight. Think tighter in your chest and arms, and then tapered down at the waist.

Polo shirts are also famous for their rainbow colours, and you should totally take advantage of that.

Get a few different ones – neutral colours for when you want to play it safe and pastel pinks, seafoam green, bright yellows and even cobalt for an evening stroll by the beach (or a round of golf!).

Pair your polo with subtle colours like olive shorts or navy chinos.

V-Neck t-shirt 

No summer can go by without a versatile V-neck t-shirt. It’s perfect for wearing on its own with a pair of jeans, chinos or shorts or paired with a summer blazer or cardigan.

The v-neck came to the men’s fashion arena in the 1960s and since then have become a trusted staple available in multiple colours and fabrics.

Whatever your favourite way of styling this t-shirt is, make sure you have a high-quality V-neck like these black ones from Fresh Clean Tees. Click here to find out more:

Cuban collar shirt 

The retro-style Cuban collar shirts are the ultimate summer staple for a man who likes to have a good time and feel comfortable.

A Cuban collar shirt has a relaxed, open collar, lapels, short sleeves and a straight hem.

This laid-back, short-sleeved patterned or solid colour shirt is perfect for holidays, evenings in the city or summer parties on the beach.

It’s easy to style it as all you need is straight-leg pants, shorts and summer footwear such as sneakers, espadrilles or loafers.

Generally, Cuban collar shirts are worn untucked, but we’re not shirt police, so if you feel that’s your look – go for it!

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