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5 Ways to Change Your Meeting Spaces to Enhance Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration
Virtual Collaboration

It’s always a good idea to have a general understanding of the topic at hand. Therefore, before we jump into the main topics, let’s cover some basic terminologies that could prove difficult to some readers. Meeting space is a room where multiple attendees come to discuss matters of importance. Such a space can be both physical and virtual. Video conferencing is one such example of virtual face-to-face meeting rooms. Here, participants from different areas attend the meeting online through video-capturing devices. One such online video conferencing platform we’re all familiar with is Zoom. Apart from these, you’ll also need to understand what ePTZ cameras are. They stand for Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and are generally smaller than their PTZ alternatives. EPTZ’s are different from PTZ cameras. They do not have any motors to move the lenses and allow you to record videos in 4K and zoom in to individual parts of them without the picture losing any visible resolution. Now, let’s dive into the top 5 ways to change your meeting spaces to enhance virtual collaboration.

Use a webcam

4k WebCam
4k WebCam

Webcams are essential for a good video conference. And it is even more so if it is from JOYUSING. The site houses loads of gadgets that can make your online experience extraordinary. Webcams are crucial for enhancing video conferencing as they offer a higher resolution video quality. Achieving such benefits is difficult using your device’s default camera. JOYUSING’s 4K Webcam provides 4K Ultra HD video quality giving you the best online experience. Say goodbye to a pixelated screen and say hello to professionalism. And its built-in noise-cancelling microphone allows the device to be as compact as possible, making it more portable than ever. Its 90° field-of-view (FOV) enables the video conferencing camera to record a spacious area and ensuring that almost everything is in view. Such a feature is highly beneficial. For example, you’re conducting a physical meeting with 10 – 15 people, and you have to connect that with an online video conference. You need a device that ensures every attendee is visible in the virtual meeting. That is where JOYUSING’s 4k WebCam comes in handy. Apart from this, it even has a built-in microphone with an additional noise-canceling feature. Such traits deliver utmost professionalism in the convention. In simple words, the 4K WebCam is an all-in-one video conferencing device!


Apart from webcams, speakerphones also work to improve your virtual collaborations. A speakerphone is a device that has a built-in microphone and speaker. Such is the case with JOYUSING’s Conference Speakerphone. It is a creative, state-of-the-art technology that makes video conferencing free of voice clarity and pick-up-related difficulties. Its four embedded microphones enable the gadget to pick up voice within a massive 16ft radius! You can have up to 15 participants in a room, and the speakerphone can register each and everyone’s voice. The best thing about JOYUSING’s Conference Speakerphones is their versatile compatibility. It supports a variety of applications that include Zoom and Skype. Speakerphones reproduce high-definition audio and sound that make it seem as though the participants are more face-to-face than they are virtual. Speakerphones enable you to move around without affecting the audio reproduction. And its high-power speakers produce excellent sound making sure you hear even the slightest of breath! There’s no downside to buying one! Why are you waiting?

Change to Wireless 

The world is evolving at an ever-faster rate. We see improvements upon improvements all the time. Technology is at that point where every few months, a new version of a product comes out. And simultaneously, the previous one becomes outdated. Likewise, wires have become old-fashioned with the invention of wireless technology. So, switching your gear to wireless ones would prove far more professional and more reliable than their wire counterparts. It has its advantages. Namely:

  1. Data transmission is faster than when using wire alternatives.
  2. It is cheaper to install and is far more long-lasting, considering that no wires are involved. All you need is a wireless transmitter and a receiver.
  3. It is more cost-effective in the long run when compared with wire technology. The initial cost may be a bit high, but there is little maintenance cost. Meanwhile, wires increase running costs as they often get damaged or worn out, rendering them unusable.
  4. The wireless setup provides more coverage. Those systems with cables are limited to where they run. However, this is not the case with wireless technology, as they’re free from line restraints.

Reduce the echo

With sound systems like JOYUSING’S Conference Speakerphone, there is a high chance of reverberation in the meeting room. And if it is professional-themed, the echo the room creates will work to destroy that theme. Such reflections of sound interrupt the meetings often with the unclarity of the statements made on both ends. It is considered highly dishonorable, and therefore, enhancing virtual collaboration requires soundproofing the room to create a more business-like environment. To do that, laden your meeting room walls with thick curtains or other sound-absorbing materials. Weatherstripping doors and other openings can help a bit to reduce reverberations. Rugs are also a source of reducing echos reflected from the floor. Decorate the room with lots of plants and other materials as they help to absorb sound and reduce echoes. But remember not to add too much as it can reduce the professionalism of the room.

Use more Gadgets!

There’s no doubt in saying that technology has immensely improved our lives. And we’ve all heard the phrase, “the more, the merrier.” So what if we had more technology? Well, it’s safe to say that our jobs would become so much easier. The same is true for virtual collaboration. To further improve it, add a large OLED display in the meeting space. OLED screens will allow better picture colors, making it effective when displaying documents in video conferences. Better internet connection is also helpful. A survey stated that 41% of pupils faced internet issues for online education in Italy, 2021. That was online education. Now think of how many businesses faced these problems! Therefore, successful video conferencing requires proper internet connections. The possibilities are endless! So start upgrading your setup and enhance your virtual collaboration now!

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