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A Complete Guide to Drinking A Beer on Ex

Drinking a beer on ex can be a fun competition among friends. You only need to know a few basic mechanics to learn the best way to gulp down a beer. Relax your throat to allow the beer to flow directly into your stomach and create an outlet when drinking from a can or bottle. Bottom up!

Drain a glass in one gulp

Pour the beer into a glass and wait for the foam to settle.

Drinking a fresh beer too quickly can cause stomach pain, bloating, and nausea, so wait a little until at least some of the carbonation has dissipated. This also gives the beer time to warm up a bit, which can prevent brain freezes. The shape of the glass affects how well you can drink the beer. A beer mug works better than a tulip.

Tip: Choose a lighter beer for your challenge. You won’t taste much anyway, but a light beer will give your stomach less trouble than a heavy Guinness or a bitter stout.

Knock the glass on the table to release CO2.

The bubbles in your beer are caused by carbon dioxide (CO2). Swallowing this large amount of gas can cause discomfort and possible nausea. An easy way to release some of the CO2 into the air instead of gulping it down is to tap the bottom of the glass once on a table or other solid surface before gulping it down. Don’t slam your glass on the table with full force, just tap it on or against it to get the bubbles out.

Take a deep breath and tilt your head back slightly.

Before you actually start drinking, take a deep breath and mentally prepare for your challenge. If you get your head in the right position right from the start, you’ll simplify a lot and wash down the beer a lot easier. Also, hold the glass tightly.

Bring the glass to your lips and quickly tip it over.

After taking a deep breath and mentally steadying yourself, put the glass to your mouth and curl your lips to the rim. In an elegant and flowing movement, you now lift the glass and pour the contents into your mouth. Don’t take sips or stop drinking; the beer will run down the corners of your mouth. Don’t smash the glass against your teeth, you could lose a tooth.

Relax your throat and hold your breath.

If the contents of the glass spill into your mouth, you should not swallow. Instead, relax your throat and just let the beer flow in. Gravity will do it for you! Just hold your breath and don’t gasp in between either, as doing so will slow down the flow of the beer and possibly even spill it. Imagine you are pouring a glass of water down a drain.

Drink the glass completely.

You’ve made it this far, hold on! Be careful not to clench your throat as the beer flows through. Keep tilting the glass to empty it. When it’s gone, you can breathe again and let yourself be celebrated. It’s still a lot of CO2 that you swallowed with the beer. A good burp should do wonders if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable.

Drink up a can of beer

Use a knife to cut a small hole in the lid of the can to allow air to get in.

Place the tip of the knife on the top of the can, near the lever you use to open it. Hold the knife vertically and have a very firm grip on both the can and the knife so you don’t slip as you slowly begin to apply pressure to the can to poke a hole. The hole must not have any ragged edges that could potentially injure you if you spill the beer. This can also be done with a key or another pointed object. The hole should only be about the size of a pencil point, it doesn’t have to be large.

Tip: is another way to quickly drink a can of beer. To do this, you poke a hole in the can relatively far down and hold it upright so that gravity and pressure on the can squirt the beer into your mouth.

Cover the hole with the hand you’re holding the can with the index finger.

Grasp the can with your dominant hand and run your finger over the hole until you’re ready to go. The hole works as a valve and lets air into the can. This allows the beer to flow out faster and easier. You can also hold the can in your weaker hand and use your dominant hand to exchange high fives with your friends while drinking.

Open the beer and start drinking it normally.

Keep holding the air hole with your finger and open the beer. Put it in your mouth normally and start drinking. If you get it flowing before you open the vent hole, it will flow faster, and you can drink it more easily.

Take a deep breath and open the air hole while tilting your head back.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath and prepare yourself mentally so you don’t have to breathe while drinking. Take your finger off the air hole and tilt the can so the beer can flow as fast as possible. Gradually lift the can higher and higher so the flow doesn’t stop.

Relax your throat and let the beer run until the can is empty.

Don’t take big sips to empty the can faster. Just relax and let it run down your esophagus straight into your stomach. Hold your breath. Crush the can in your hand and throw it on the floor if you want to end your grand entrance with dignity. Your friends will be impressed. Afterward, pick up the can and throw it in the trash.

Use a straw in a bottle

Open the bottle and let it stand so some carbon dioxide can escape and the beer gets a little warmer.

If you try to ditch ice-cold beer, you’ll almost certainly get a brain freeze and possibly a stomach ache. The carbon dioxide could cause discomfort and nausea and make the beer more difficult to drink. So leave the bottle open for a while to release some carbon dioxide into the air instead of your stomach and so the beer isn’t quite as cold. You only have to wait a short time, the beer doesn’t have to be at room temperature. Don’t bang the bottle on the table to get the carbon dioxide out faster, because the beer could foam and spill over.

Insert a flexible straw into the bottle and bend it over.

The straw works as a valve or vent, allowing the beer to flow out of the bottle faster. The faster it runs, the faster you can swallow it. Make sure the curved end is sticking out of the top of the bottle. Don’t drop the straw in the bottle! Once it’s in, it’s very difficult to get it out.

Hold the straw with the opening facing away from your face.

Hold the straw in the bottle with one finger so the opening doesn’t get in your way as you drink the beer. Place the kink in the straw around the mouth of the bottle.

Put the bottle to your mouth and take a deep breath.

Position yourself to sip the beer by pressing the opening to your lips. Imagine yourself celebrating your success and take deep breaths to prepare yourself mentally. Plus, you don’t have to breathe while drinking.

Lean your head back and tip the bottle.

After taking a deep breath, swing the bottle and tilt your head back. This will start the beer flowing. Hold the straw tightly so it can draw air into the bottle.

Warning: Be careful not to hit the bottle’s rim against your teeth when you tilt the bottle or you could lose your teeth!

Just let the beer flow until the bottle is empty.

It will flow out of the bottle so quickly that it will press against your throat as soon as you tip the bottle. Relax your neck and just let it happen. The straw causes air to flow into the bottle, which allows the beer to flow faster out of the bottle, down your throat, and eventually into your stomach.


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