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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Six Pack Fast

Everywhere someone promises you the next secret to getting a six-pack abs. You can’t get a six-pack overnight, but regular exercise and a balanced diet will speed things up. Develop an exercise routine with lots of exercises, like crunches and planks. Your muscles need fuel and you may need to burn fat to see results, so stick to a healthy, balanced diet.


Make a sentence of twelve simple ones

Start by lying on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Place your fingertips behind your head. Inhale. Then exhale as you lift your lower back off the floor. Raise your torso for about two seconds. Then inhale gently as you lower yourself back to the floor. Don’t pull your head up with your hands. Keep your head, neck, and back in alignment. Don’t arch your lower back while raising your upper body. Repeat these steps until you’ve done a set of twelve crunches. Raise your torso enough to lift your shoulder blades off the floor. A crunch can work all of your abs, but a full sit-up (or if you’re raised to your knees) can also strengthen your lower back. Hold a weight across your torso during crunches to make the exercise more difficult. Just start with 5 to 10 pounds to avoid injury.

Extend your arms for overhead crunches.

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Stretch your arms over your head. The palms face up. Your arms are still touching the floor and your biceps (upper arm) are near your ears. Continue to stretch your arms above your head. Raise your torso like the standard crunch. Keep your head, neck, and spine aligned. Don’t arch your lower back. As with standard crunches, you can hold a lightweight plate in your hands to add resistance.

Raise your knees and hips for reverse crunches.

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms at your sides. The palms face down. Exhale and tighten your abs as you lift your knees over your hips. Keep your knees at a 90° angle as you bring them directly over your hips. Inhale. Then exhale as you lift your hips and lower back off the floor in one steady, controlled motion. Inhale again as you lower your hips back to the floor, but keep your knees over your hips. Repeat these steps until you’ve done a set of twelve reverse crunches. After the last rep, lower your feet to the floor.

Do bicycle crunches.

Lie flat on the floor. Your fingertips touch the back of your head. Inhale. Then exhale as you lift your feet off the floor. Make a bike-like movement by drawing your left knee toward your torso and straightening the other. As you pedal, lift your shoulder blades off the ground and twist your torso to bring your right elbow toward your bent left knee. Then straighten your left leg while drawing your right knee toward your torso. As you do this, rotate your torso to bring your left elbow towards your right knee. Keep kicking and twisting your torso until you’ve done 12 reps per side.


Plank with proper technique so you don’t injure yourself.

Start by lying flat on your stomach. Your face is down. Your forearms are on the floor and your palms are flat. Inhale. Then, exhale as you lift your body off the floor so your forearms and toes support your weight. Keep your elbows at a 90° angle just below your shoulders. Tighten your core muscles so your head, neck, and spine are in a straight line. Keep your head down during the plank so you’re still looking at the floor. Hold the plank for 10 to 15 seconds. Keep breathing while holding the position. If 10-15 minutes of planks don’t challenge you, do 30-45 seconds.

Tone your abs and obliques with side planks.

Start by lying on your right side. Your right elbow is bent and is just below your shoulder. Your left leg is directly over your right leg. Inhale. Then exhale while tightening your core muscles and bending your elbow to a 90° angle. Keep your elbow bent just below your shoulder. Your head, neck and spine form a straight line. Keep breathing while holding the side plank. Hold it for 10 to 15 seconds or 30 to 45 seconds if a shorter duration isn’t challenging. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position. Then repeat the steps on the left side. You can make this harder by lifting your top leg off your bottom leg while holding the side plank.

Challenge yourself with Extended Planks.

Start on your stomach like the standard plank. Stretch your arms over your head. Your palms touch the floor. Tighten your core. Lift your body off the floor with your fingertips and toes. Keep your head in a natural position to look at the floor as you plank. Your head, neck, and spine are in a straight line. Hold the plank for 15 seconds. Breathe while holding the position. Then slowly lower yourself to the floor. Do standard planks if you can’t keep your back straight during the extended plank.

A safe, effective routine

Warm up for five to ten minutes, and then do a cooldown.

Go for a brisk walk or jog, do jumping jacks, run in place, or jump rope to start your workouts. Moderate aerobic exercise increases blood flow to your muscles, which minimizes your risk of injury. Do a 5-10 minute cool down after your workout to allow your muscles to recover.

Do many types of crunches and planks in your routine.

Do not do 500 crunches, but a workout with many different exercises. A good routine might include: Jog for five to ten minutes, three sets of twelve reps: standard crunches, overhead crunches, reverse crunches, three sets of twelve reps on each side: bicycle crunches, two sets of 30 seconds each: standard planks, extended planks Two Sets of 30 seconds per side: Side Planks.

Do your ab workout three to four times a week.

Even if you want abs fast, you can injure yourself if you overdo it. Don’t train abs or other muscle groups two days in a row. Everyone’s body is unique, but you’ll likely see results within a few weeks. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes longer. Focus on being as healthy as possible instead of forcing yourself and risking injury. When you first start exercising, take it slow. Start with two sets of ten reps per exercise. Then gradually work your way up to three sets of twelve reps. Don’t exercise or stretch if your muscles hurt. If you have muscle pain, exercising will only make it worse.

Burn belly fat with cardio exercises.

To see the results of your hard training, you need to get rid of the fat deposits covering your abs. Get a good cardio workout by jogging for 5 to 10 minutes, sprinting for 10 minutes, and then jogging for another 5 to 10 minutes. Jogging, sprinting, and then jogging is a form of interval training. This type of cardio exercise is great for burning fat. In addition to running, you can also swim laps, ride a bike, do jumping jacks, or jump rope.

Fat Burning Diet

Eat lots of lean protein.

Protein helps build muscle, but you must choose low-fat options. Lean proteins are found in boneless, skinless poultry, fish, legumes, nuts, eggs, and reduced-fat or fat-free dairy products. Eat these instead of greasy cuts of red meat, full-fat dairy, and processed meats like bacon. The right daily amount of protein depends on your age, gender and activity level. It is best to eat 160 to 180 g of protein per day. For example, eat 4 ounces of grilled chicken and salad for lunch and 3 ounces of salmon for dinner. If you’re very active, you may need even more protein daily. Learn about your specific needs at

Eat fruits and vegetables to reduce your calorie intake.

Fruits and vegetables contain many important nutrients. They fill you up without having too many calories. The amount you need depends on your age, gender, and activity level. In general, you should eat 2-3 cupfuls of vegetables a day. If you’re hungry between meals, eat a healthy snack like a banana, apple, or carrot.

Don’t skip healthy, complex carbohydrates.

Grains are higher in fiber and fuel your muscles, so eat brown rice, quinoa, and whole-wheat breads, pasta, and cereal. Eat about 170 to 230 g of grains per day. Half of it should be whole grain. You may have heard that you should eat fewer carbohydrates to lose weight. Healthy grains are an important part of your diet and provide your muscles with the resources they need to grow.

Eat fewer sweets and processed foods.

You won’t get a six-pack if you get most of your calories from processed foods, candy, and fast food. If you have a sweet tooth and need to satisfy your needs, cut out baked goods, ice cream, and other unhealthy snacks. Eat peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and fruit instead. Avoid unhealthy snacks like chips and processed meats like cold cuts and bacon.

Instead of high-calorie drinks.

Drinking enough is important for your health, especially if you are exercising more now. You’ll also consume fewer calories when you substitute water for soda, sweetened tea, and other high-calorie beverages. As a rule of thumb, you should drink 2 liters of water a day. When it’s hot outside or you exercise a lot, you must drink more to compensate for sweating.


Eat a post-exercise meal with a good source of protein. This will help you recover from your workout and build muscle. Be positive! Even if you don’t see results overnight, you can be proud of yourself for wanting to get fit! Sleeping helps muscles recover, so make sure you get enough rest. Consult a doctor or fitness professional before exercising, especially if you have any medical conditions. You can get a six-pack with home exercises, but you can also invest in a gym membership and use machines that work the abs. If you are a teenager or younger, talk to your doctor or physical education teacher before exercising. Your bones, joints, and muscles are still growing, so you’re more prone to injury.


Be careful if your body is not used to strenuous exercise. Take it easy at first and find your way. It’s best to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan.


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