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Best 5 Hair Removers for Women and Men in 2022

For nearly a decade, people have had the same routine to remove my facial hair. Since last year, we’ve found a new way to remove unwanted hair at home on the face, armpit, legs, or even the whole body. In this article, we will walk you through on how to reveal your softest and smoothest skin with these affordable hair removers.

Dermaplaning is a service offered by dermatologists and estheticians where the provider takes a medical-grade scalpel and shaves off all of the hair on your face. The result is baby-smooth skin, but it can cost a few hundred dollars per session, so it’s definitely a luxury.

SIMA is a 3-speed rechargeable dermaplaning/women’s hair removal device that harnesses the skin-smoothing power of sonic technology at 15,000 movements per minute to instantly remove unwanted facial hair aka peach fuzz, exfoliate build-up and dead skin cells improve the look of enlarged pores, the feel of rough skin texture, while improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and dullness in a safe, painless and effective way to reveal a completely rejuvenated and hair-free complexion.

Use SIMA once a week to achieve professional-grade skin smoothing and hair removal results. Upper lip hair and facial hair removal is made easy with SIMA. SIMA is cost-efficient, safe, and effective for all skin types.

Flawless: Hair Remover

flawless hair remover

While waxing and depilatory creams can provide temporary results, the thought of never having to do either is pretty tempting. When removing hair at home, especially on your face, you want to be very careful as it is a delicate area.

With the Flawless Hair Remover, you can easily remove hair instantly and painlessly. All you do is turn on the battery-operated tool, which has a small built-in light, and glide it across your face to remove the hairs. The contoured head moves around easily and fits into every corner of your face. Perfect for facial hair, this innovative tool features an integrated light to help you see even the finest hairs, so you can achieve a fresh, hair-free look. One five-star buyer calls it “a must-have” and writes “I can’t live without this. It gets rid of my peach fuzz so quickly and easily.”

Tria: Hair Removal Laser Precision


Tria Hair Removal Lasers Precision features the same core diode laser technology used in professional offices. Most of the other home devices use IPL technology, which does not always target the hair follicle as specifically as the diode wavelength. If you’re interested in treating larger areas like the legs, Tria Beauty also offers the Tria Laser 4X made to handle those bigger areas with more energy.

Tria has received tons of great reviews since its birth. BAZAAR says “This smaller version has the same FDAapproved technology in a more compact size —ideal for targeting specific areas like the upper lip.” And RadarMagazine says “Tria precision is one of the most bought laser hair removal devices online. Tria 4x & Tria precision are both great devices to get rid of body hair.”

Remington: iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body IPL Hair Removal System


The Remington iLIGHT Ultra brings fast, gentle, and easy hair removal to you in the privacy of your home. This system is FDA cleared and clinically proven to reveal your smooth, beautiful skin.

To ensure comfortable at-home use, Remington has 5 power levels and a skin tone tester to help determine if the device is safe for your skin. Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing when measured at 6, 9, and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regimen.

YAMANGU: Hair Remover for Women and Men

YAMANGU hair remover

A traditional remover can’t sense hair smartly nor function stably. While razors are often quick and inexpensive, they’re only effective at removing surface hair. So, all you need is a smart hair remover.

YAMANGU hair remover is the one! It can stop unwanted hair from re-growing securely with the newest hair removal system. A visible effect of hair grow slowly, become softer and thinner in 4 weeks. Up to 95% permanent hair reduced after 8 weeks of using. Moreover, it’s EASY TO OPERATE AT HOME AND PAINLESS: Only one touch on the screen to turn on the ice cooling function. The best part of it is very gentle, even for sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini line, but not suitable as a nose hair trimmer. The higher energy the follicles get, the better the hair removal effect will be, please try levels from low to higher (be sure of your feeling comfortable).

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