Best Time To Shop With Great Discount And Great Deals

There are diverse opinions about when is the best time to shop with great deals and discounts. People often share their views as per their experiences. Here, we summarise the opinion of different people and also share their thoughts.

Most people believe that the time of Mid July to the end of September is the best for shopping. At this time, you will get great discounts due to festivals and many other reasons. So, read further to know about these in detail.

  1. Monsoon Season: 

In the monsoon season, the market has not crowed like winter and summer. The rural demand for goods is generally lowest at this time. People often don’t go to the market due to rain. In such times, the retailers or wholesalers are desperate for the cash flow. They need to increase the cash flow in the market to survive.

Discounts and sales are usually given when the retailers wanted to welcome more customers. So, from July to September, you will see many discount offers in many shops. So, this is an excellent time for shopping.

In contrast, from October to December, people start shopping. So, the cash flow is already increasing in the market. So, retailers usually don’t provide much discount or great deals on the products as many customers are already in the market.

  1. Inauspicious Time: 

Many people think in a specific time they should no buy new items. However, as a customer, this is the best time for shopping. People often don’t buy things after festivals as they have already done before the festival. So, when you go shopping in such an inauspicious time, you may get great deals and discounts on items.

  1. Clear old stock:

Generally, before one month of big festivals, retailers want to clear their old stocks to buy new ones. So, you should never lose any stock clearing sale, because you will get a significant discount on some things that you have never imagined. You can also visit the vapor store to buy new products for yourself at the same time.

  1. After the arrivals of New models: 

People make the mistake of buying new models of items. It is an overpriced one. When new things come into the market, retailers increase their rates as everyone wants to buy the same product. At the same time, the cost of old products will be grounded.

For example, if you want to purchase the iPhone 12, you should wait until iPhone 13 mobile release. So, when iPhone 13 comes in the market, everyone wants to buy that mobile, and the price of the iPhone 12 reduces to half.

  1. Indirect Discounts: 

Only a few people think about indirect discounts like Interest-free EMI. Usually, the EMI option comes with a specific interest rate. But when the market is down, retailers often give interest-free EMI option. It is a great deal to catch. You can purchase the right item at its MPR on EMI and without any interest.


There are the best times for shopping to get great deals and discounts on things. You need to be vigilant and think critically when you go shopping. Comment below if you have any questions.

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