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Blue Sapphire – 5 Amazing Facts About The September Birthstone

Blue Sapphire Ring gained popularity due to their majestic blue color, the color of royalty. The gemstone falls into the category of precious gemstone making it an attraction for people and avid collectors alike. Interestingly, this birthstone of September, forms in nature with the same base element corundum as that of ruby. However, the signature blue color arises with the presence of trace element titanium. Although, Blue Sapphires are dominating but they are also found in many colors in nature like pink, yellow, white, purple, orange and brown. Now lets have a look on various facts which will make Blue Sapphire Ring desirable even more.

Gemstone of Royalty

Blue Sapphire is famously known as the Gemstone of Royalty. It is due to the fact that it has been long adorned by the royals for example it was gifted as engagement ring by French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to his beloved Josephine in 1796. Another, more recent historical reference is the famous Blue Sapphire Ring of Princess Diana which is as famous as the late princess herself.


Sapphire is a word derived from both Latin and Greek words “sapphirus” and “sappheiros” respectively meaning “blue”. It is believed to have referred to another blue stone called the Lapis Lazuli.

Metaphysical Facts

Blue sapphire ring has been long worn for its various mystical and heavenly powers. They have been a gemstone for truth, peace and sound health. Ancient civilizations believed that sapphires tend to protect the wearer from any kind of evil. Their blue color used to be tied with the heavens and believed to shower heavenly blessings to the wearer. And as mentioned before they are also a symbolism of nobility and faithfulness.

Star Sapphires

Naturally occurring Blue Sapphires are found with needle-like inclusions which are responsible for the phenomenon of a six-ray start formation when light is passed through the sapphire. However, this property can only be observed in cabochon-cut sapphires which are famously known as the Star Sapphires.

Famous Blue Sapphires

The Star of Bombay weighing 182 carats, which originated from Sri Lanka and was first given to actress Mary Pickford by her husband. It was later offered to the Smithsonian Institution. Another flawless specimen from Sri Lanka which is currently on display at National Museum of Natural History in Washington. The Logan Sapphire weighing 422.99 carats is nearly the size of an egg and is one of the world’s largest sapphires.

Hope you have enjoyed reading these 5 amazing facts about the September Birthstone, Blue Sapphire as much as we enjoyed compiling them for you. So, the next time when you set out to buy Blue Sapphire Ring, bear in mind that you are not just buying a colored stone but a universally proclaimed gemstone of royalty. Therefore, this guide will certainly encourage you to feel like a royal when you adorn this beautiful blue gemstone.

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