Buying Tips to Get the Most CBD Oil for Your Money

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CBD is an increasingly popular supplement that people of all ages are thinking about buying. Research has shown that CBD can help with pain, anxiety, sleep quality, and even cancer symptoms. There are claims of other benefits, but nothing has been backed up by studies yet.

This explosion of interest has led to a bit of a conundrum for first-time buyers. There are no big brands, and it’s a bit of a Wild West when it comes to shopping around for CBD products. Each state has different regulations about how CBD can be extracted, sold, and consumed.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, here are three tips to help you when you shop for CBD oil.

Tip #1: Check the CBD Content

The most important thing to check when you are choosing between two similar-looking CBD products is to look at the actual CBD dosage it contains. The whole reason you want CBD is for the health benefits, so ignore whatever else it comes with and look at how much CBD you get with it.

For example, you might see two bottles of CBD oil drops from the same brand that both contain 30mL of drops. However, one is sold for $35 and the other for $70. You might look at the first bottle at half the cost and assume that’s the best deal, but it’s misleading.

The reason is that the first bottle has 300mg of total CBD content, while the second has 900mg. So even though it is twice the price, it has three times the CBD content. That means you can take 1/3rd as many drops, making it last much longer.

Tip #2: Shop for Alternate Forms

You can get CBD in many different forms, depending on why you want to use it. They include oil drops, tincture, vape oil, THC-free CBD softgels, edibles, drinkables, creams and lotions, skin patches, and more. Depending on what form you buy, you might actually be getting less than you paid for than other forms.

For example, you might love the idea of getting CBD candies. The pack looks bigger than the oil drops, and it’s candy! But hang on, that pack of candies has 25 pieces and each has a 20mg dose of CBD. Meanwhile, you might be able to get a bottle of CBD capsules with the same dose per pill and the same number of pills for less money.

Tip #3: Buy in Bigger Quantities

Once you find a brand and product you like, you can save money in the long run by buying in bigger quantities. It’s a larger cost upfront, but you end up saving money for the same base amount of the product.

For example, say you just love the CBD candies and don’t care that they’re a bit more expensive. If that pack of 20 candies with 25mg of CBD in each one is $40, see if the same brand sells those same candies in packs of 40. Some brands will do this, and despite having twice as many candies it will usually be less than twice the cost.

These three tips are a great way to get started on buying CBD more affordably. It can be daunting to shop for CBD across all the different websites, brands, and products. These will hopefully help you find something you will love without breaking the bank.

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