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Casino Bonuses and Coupons – How to Spot the Duds

Whether you’re buying a new pair of shoes or looking for an evening of entertainment, it feels good to get a bargain, right? The lure of getting a freebie can be hard to resist, which is why casino bonuses and coupons are so popular.

There are now lots of online casinos, with numbers increasing rapidly in response to rising demand. This means there are many casinos in the market, all vying with each other to attract players. They do this by creating enticing casino bonuses and coupons that look more lucrative than what’s on offer elsewhere.

However, before you dive right in and start playing, here’s a closer look at some of the bonuses which might not be as good as they first seem.

High Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are a necessary evil; there are very few bonuses that don’t require the cash to be played through again.

Every casino is free to set their own wagering requirements, which is why you’ll find them varying quite drastically from one website to another. Wagering requirements can also be set at different levels for various casino bonuses, so you’ll need to check the terms very carefully.

Although wagering requirements are a nuisance for players, it’s not their mere presence that is the problem; it’s games where the playthrough requirements are set high. Wagering requirements are unavoidable when you want to redeem a casino bonus – but you can swerve high wagering requirements. Either look for a different game, or if all the wagering requirements at that casino are set high, it might be time to try somewhere new.

Strict Time Limits

Another way casinos might try to reduce the cash out value of their bonuses is to set a very tight time limit on the wagering requirements.

This means that you’ll only have a short time frame to play through the bet sufficient times to be able to collect your winnings. It’s not unusual to have a specified time frame, but if it doesn’t provide you long enough to meet the wagering requirements realistically, then you can be confident that the coupon is a dud.

Limited Eligibility

If you enjoy playing blackjack, for example, you should look out for casino bonuses that relate to that game. Not all casino bonuses can be used on every game; in many cases, the coupon is limited to certain types of play.

Casino bonuses are often provided for slots and less frequently for other types of games. This doesn’t mean they’re not available at all, just that it’s less common.

If a casino bonus looks good but doesn’t include the games you enjoy playing, there’s no point trying to redeem it. Casino games should be fun, so there’s no point playing something you don’t especially enjoy just to collect a bonus.

Unlicensed Casinos

Casinos know that a good bonus is hard to resist, but the one thing players should always be wary of is the credibility of the place that’s making the offer. If a bonus looks too good to be true, there’s probably a catch hidden somewhere – and that might just be a rogue casino who is trying to get their hands on your personal data.

No matter how good a casino bonus may appear, don’t even consider signing up unless the casino is properly regulated and licensed. Genuine, licensed casinos do offer great coupons and promos too, so there’s no need to risk the security of your data by playing at one that can offer no guarantees about the standards they operate to.

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