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Common Home Cleaning Problems & Their Solutions

Keeping our homes clean is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space. However, despite our best efforts, home cleaning can present a wide range of challenges and problems. From stubborn stains to cluttered spaces, it can be frustrating to deal with these issues and find effective solutions.

Fortunately, with the right knowledge and tools, many of these problems can be tackled easily and efficiently. In this article, we will explore some of the most common home cleaning problems and provide practical solutions to help you keep your home clean and organized. Find out how to knock out and clean up some of the most common household stains and smells with this helpful cleaning guide.


  • Deodorizing Carpets

To cut through that stubborn stink, grab some baking soda and sprinkle a good amount all around your carpet, focusing on those high-traffic areas around the house. Now leave that to settle for 20 minutes, or a bit longer if you’re so inclined, and when you come back you should already smell the difference. Vacuum it all up to reveal a fresher-smelling carpet.

  • Proper Mopping for Hardwoods

When it’s time to clean your hardwood floors, keep in mind that mopping may not be the best course of action. On sealed wood, you’ll want to avoid mopping with too much water, and remember to only use warm water as hot water can actually damage your floors over time. If your floors aren’t sealed, do not mop or use any water to clean them!

Mirrors & Windows

  • Streak-Free Shine Every Time

As you clean the glass surfaces around your home, keep in mind that less is more when it comes to the products you’re using. One of the best products you can use isn’t even a glass cleaner, it’s vinegar! In fact, we highly suggest that our customers switch to cleaning their windows and mirrors with diluted white vinegar so that they’ll be satisfied every time!

  • Cloudy Windows on Sunny Days

When you clean your windows, did you know that the weather can impact how good they look? Turns out that cleaning your windows on warm sunny days is actually the worst time to clean, who knew? If you want to know how the professionals do things, check out Cleanzen Cleaning Services to find out more and book your own services.

Sinks & Toilets

  • Toilet Stains

If you’ve cleaned your toilets with all the vigor you can muster but there’s still a ring, don’t stress! One of the best products we can suggest is a scouring stick, which can cut through stubborn toilet stains in a matter of seconds. If you find that your toilet is looking rusty, be sure to look into a cleaning product with hydrochloric acid instead of a bleach-based cleaner as bleach can actually make the rust harder to remove.

  • Soap Scum

Hard water and soap scum can really impact the way your bathroom looks and feels. Whether you find it around your glass shower or sticking to the sinks around your home, it happens to even the cleanest of houses. You can fix this with a swipe of a Magic Eraser or even by buffing a dryer sheet onto the surface and wiping away the residue to create a water-repellent surface.

Around the Kitchen

  • Musty Odors in the Dishwasher

Smelly dishwashers can be the bane of our existence. To fight off that nasty odor, first, make sure to clean out the filter at the bottom of your dishwasher every few weeks. Food debris can get trapped and create all kinds of funky smells so it’s best to take it out at the source. Next, wipe a little baking soda around the inside of your dishwasher then run a hot water cycle (no drying!) with a bowl of vinegar on the top rack. So long smells!

  • Burnt Food on Cookware

Cooking accidents happen in every home, not everyone can be a professional chef. If some of your pots and pans have fallen victim to burnt-on food that won’t come off even after a long soak, you don’t have to throw the whole thing out. Just sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda around the surface then fill the pot or pan about halfway with boiling water. Once everything has cooled down, dump it and give it a scrub to reveal your mess-free cookware.

Stain Fighting

  • Pet Pee Problems

Our furry friends can make life more fulfilling and enjoyable, except when you come home to find a fresh puddle on your otherwise clean floor. Always make sure to blot and absorb as much of the wetness as possible before treating the stain. When it comes to cat messes, avoid using any ammonia-based cleaners these can make the problem worse. Stick to enzyme cleaners and even a bit of diluted vinegar to help remove the smell from your home.

  • Wine Messes

Whether you’re sharing a bottle of red with friends or having a quiet night to yourself, wine can be spilled no matter the vibe. If you’re able to catch a fresh spill, blot up as much as you can and then add some hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to help lift the stain. Let that sit for 20 minutes then rinse and wash away what remains. If old stains have started to take over your once pristine carpets, Cleaning Services in Miami may have what you need. Check out our deep cleaning services to find out how we can rid your home of wine stains for good.


Home cleaning is an essential task that requires proper attention and care. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are various solutions to common cleaning problems that can make the process much easier and more efficient. By identifying the problem and implementing the appropriate solution, homeowners can maintain a clean and healthy living space. From using the right cleaning products and tools to developing effective cleaning routines and seeking professional help when needed, there are numerous ways to address common home cleaning issues. With these solutions, anyone can keep their home clean and comfortable, creating a welcoming and relaxing environment for themselves and their loved ones.

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