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Considering Delta-8? A Quick and Easy Tutorial

Given how innovative and exciting Delta-8 is as a legal and consumable product, many consumers are inquiring how, when, and under what circumstances to take it.  Many have already heard from friends and family about the value Delta-8 brings to a relaxing, healthy and holistic personal care regime.  Now these same curious consumers need direct, unfiltered insight.  They want to know the nitty-gritty.  Where can you buy Delta-8? What is a good price? Which companies are the most reputable and respected in the industry?  Is there only one way to consume Delta-8 or are there more? Which ways to imbibe it work the best?

The answers to these questions are key, as being informed can help Delta-8 enthusiasts select the right product, quantity and seller.  And as the scientific, documented uses and benefits of Delta-8 multiply, smart sellers must constantly seek to ask the right questions before they educate and inform.

For example, is there a specific issue you want Delta-8 to solve? Inflammation? Stress? Anxiety? Or are you someone who simply wants regular access to a better and safer way to relax without the negative second order effects associated with other options? 

No matter what your reason for taking advantage of recent enhancement in the quality and availability of Delta-8, consider the details when deciding how to evaluate your Delta-8 options.

Specifically, think about this:

1.Decide on Delivery

One of the best ways to receive Delta-8 into your body is through tinctures/oil.  If you choose this product it is important to follow the directions on the bottle, as different brands boast different concentrations.  Generally, bottles of Delta-8 include droppers to make measuring it easier.  Oil can either be consumed directly or mixed into a drink or other food item prior to being consumed.  I like adding mine to decaff coffee to improve the quality and flavor of this (for me) post-dinner drink.  Delta-8 oil can also be added to cocktails to elevate your evening spirits or smoothies to raise recovery after working out.  There are countless creative recipes which feature Delta-8, and these are multiplying by the moment! Oil can be consumed in capsules to ensure the amount. Capsules generally range in quantity from 15mg-25mg. Many companies curate their capsules to focus on recovery, stress-reduction or sleep.  Still others, like HAPPY Delta, smartly combine Delta-8 and other ingredients such as hemp-based THC to produce a more expansively and stable relaxed state.

2.Consider Capacity

How much Delta-8 is the right amount for you depends on many variables.  Do you tend to be more/less reactive to other relaxing substances? What is your weight, height and history with getting results from other medicinal substances?  Do your genetics tend to react strongly or weakly?  For most consumers new to taking Delta-8 anywhere from 15-25mg per day is a good dose, although some people find results at slightly lower levels.  Your personal needs and desired results are a strong driver for which product and relative amount is best.

3.Select a Standard

Taking Delta-8 is important to do on a purposeful schedule.  Although the effects of taking Delta-8 is advanced, the science points at its effects being the best if its cumulative.  Also, since Delta-8 can vary so much based on where it derives (from cannabis or hemp) and its concentration, taking it on a normal basis also enables you to evaluate whether its working for you or whether you need to change your dose/delivery/schedule. Many people find it most beneficial to enjoy Delta-8 at the end of the day, whereas others tether the product to an activity (such as after exercising or before going to bed.)

4.Evaluate the Outcome

Delta-8 is an incredible addition to holistic health. This stated, it is not a magic bullet medicine that will work one way every time, in every form and at every dose.  Its versatility is a benefit, but also means it can have a more or less powerful impact. The amount you take can definitely either be too much or too little depending on a myriad of physical factors.  Delta-8 also can either complement or adversely impact other natural or prescribed items.  For example, one reason I take Delta-8 with decaf coffee is it relaxes me – if I put a few drops in caffeinated coffee I think it would cancel out the Delta-8 effects!  Along these same lines the Delta-8 may work better for you in gummie or pill form than in vape form. Especially as many people who use Delta-8 spend time around children vaping or smoking may not be viable whereas oils or capsules are perfect. Finally, although Delta-8 has enormous health benefits it does not aid every ailment – although it improves a vast majority of them!

5.Relax – and Feel Free to Experiment

Remember enjoying Delta-8 is a universally appreciated and healthy way to relax alone or with family and friends.  That said depending on the unique ingredient mix, Delta-8 quality and delivery system enjoying it can introduce a variety of positive, happy or mellow moods.  Make sure you give yourself the chance to try its assorted forms and fully appreciate many benefits it brings. After all, the quality of your experience with Delta-8 means taking the time to relish its impact – not only on your mindset, but also on your well-being and your mood.

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