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How to buy a Christmas present for your crush

A gift says a lot about you. Not only does it show that you care enough about someone to give that person a special gift, but it also shows them how thoughtful and thoughtful you can be when it comes to them. This article will help you find the perfect gift for your crush and also teach you what girls like in general.

Find out what she likes, but inconspicuously.

Ask her about her favorite color, her favorite animal, or her favorite hobby. Everyone is interested in something specific; for something with which the person identifies as an individual. This interest is the key to a good gift. Think of specific sports, activities, animals, bands, writers, or artists that she likes. Each of these interests can represent a potential gift. If you don’t want her to find out that you’re inquiring about her interests, you can do this indirectly (through her friends or yours) to get more ideas. It doesn’t matter if you ask. Also, ask about other girls’ interests if you’re worried that…

Use your feminine side.

It’s probably not a good idea to go out and buy her a skull figurine unless that’s specifically her thing. Try to put yourself in her shoes; think of what girls are usually crazy about. Jewelry, flowers, and candy are usually safe bets. Note: if you plan to buy her any of these things, don’t expect your crush to remain a secret any longer. These gifts scream “I really like you.” Clothing can also be a good option but choose carefully. Tops, scarves, hats, and socks are all good clothing gifts. But, underwear, lingerie, camisoles, or anything worn under normal clothing is not! This is far too personal and could be misunderstood or get you a slap in the face. Underwear is fine, but only with their permission!

Be careful how much you spend on the gift.

It might sound weird, but she might feel uncomfortable if you give her a $300 necklace and she buys you a pair of socks or nothing at all. You may want to give her the world, but she may be embarrassed. If you’re just getting to know your crush, or haven’t known them that long, stick to gifts under $100. It’s still relatively easy to give her a great gift that’s classy and tasteful but doesn’t cost too much. Here are some things: A nice set of stationery and envelopes if she’s a romantic or likes to write letters. A pen (a ballpoint or fountain pen) might be good. A set of candles that smell wonderful. Keep in mind, though, that if you like the scent of candles, she might not like them. A 360° camera. A Lomography camera is a fancy name for a simple camera that’s about to become fashionable again. These cameras can often be bought for less than €100. A miniature ecosystem if she’s a nature enthusiast, or likes science and biology. Mini ecosystems are customizable, require little maintenance, and can be bought for under $100.

Make her a gift yourself.

Anyone can buy a gift. But giving a gift takes time, effort, and commitment. If you really want to show her that you care, do something for her that she really likes and will appreciate. There are a ton of gifts you can make for them, for example, you can DIY a jewelry necklace with colorful bracelet beads. Most of them require you to do some tinkering. You could make her a bowl out of rope, or coasters out of vintage stamps. Both ideas are expandable. Make her a necklace with pretty fabrics and beads or tiny polaroid magnets with pictures of you. If she loves good food, make the recipe cards that she can print out and include her favorite recipes, or a fruit bowl that also includes some of her favorite fruits.

Give her something that reflects a common interest.

If you both enjoy doing something similar, why not make her happy while you reinforce something you have in common? Having more things in common can mean you can spend more time together. If you both like a sports team or a particular sport, buy tickets to a game. But make sure that she really enjoys the sport. After all, you don’t want to take her to a soccer game only to find out that she finds it terribly boring. If you both like art or like to cook, buy tickets to a modeling workshop or cooking class. These are both great group activities but also pretty easy dates!

Wrap the gift in nice paper.

Plain wrapping paper with a nice bow. Girls don’t like it when you give them a present in a garbage bag. There are a few different methods you can try, or you can have the gift wrapped for a fee (sometimes free). Experiment around. Some people wrap the gift in another gift. For example, you can cut a hole in the middle of an old book and put a small wrapped present in the hole you cut out. Then pack the book. Also, if you get her tickets or something that fits in an envelope, make sure the envelope looks good. Make a good impression by using elegant, high-quality paper.

Buy her a card.

When you buy her a card, don’t just run down the aisle and buy the first card you find. Try to find one that says something about how special she is. All girls like to be told they are special. Write something in the card that is short and sweet. You’d probably want to write her a whole novel, but if you crush her so much, she might be overwhelmed or even embarrassed. Keep the map short and sweet. Cards are the perfect way to tell her something she really loves. Of course, you can hint and be romantic by writing something like, “Picking out gifts isn’t easy, but seeing you happy and healthy was worth all the effort.” Or you can sound friendly, familiar, or funny: “I hope you’re having a great holiday.”

When you give her the present, try to give her a quick hug.

If she squeals with delight at the gift, just do it. It’s normal to hug after a gift exchange.

Give her the gift personally.

You’ll make a much better impression on her if you give her the gift yourself. This not only shows her that you have confidence but also shows her how you feel around her. That’s a great thing.

Don’t make a fuss about it.

Hopefully, she realizes how much you love her. Stand back and let things take their course. If she has a gift for you or is making you a gift in the next two weeks, chances are she really appreciates you as a friend or even likes you a little more. If she really likes your gift, you could take a chance and tell her how you feel about her. She might even tell you how she feels about you! You should do this in a quiet corner (not at school, work, or a party) in case she doesn’t react to the news as expected. If she doesn’t give you a gift and doesn’t talk to you more than before, then things aren’t looking so good. She probably doesn’t like you the same way you like her, but you never know. The safest bet right now is to ask her out. You have nothing to lose.

Be self-confident.

If you’re giving a girl a gift, don’t back down. Even if she doesn’t really like the gift, she will like the thought behind it. Strengthen your actions with feelings and everything should go smoothly.


Make sure she feels very special when you give her the gift. If you buy her clothes, make sure that they are her size. It will be very uncomfortable for both of you if you give her something that is either too big or too small! If you’re giving her flowers, make sure the girl likes being the center of attention. If she’s shy, you might want to send flowers to her home instead of to work. Don’t let her feel obligated to give you something, even though it’s not always a bad thing. Try not to give her a coupon. This really shows that you have no idea what she likes and that you didn’t put the time and effort into buying her something special. Unless, of course, it’s something she would really enjoy, like a coupon for her favorite music store or jewelry store. Consider leaving the gift somewhere where she can find it. Write a little card just saying it was from you. It’s much easier for someone to appreciate a gift when they’re alone and not distracted. Be careful with this plan if she has roommates, someone she shares a locker with, co-workers, etc. Write down exactly who the gift is for! With a lot of girls, you can’t go wrong with a CD. Talk to her a little bit about music and pick something she doesn’t already have. This is great entertainment! If you want to give her a gift, give her something related to her. Let’s say she likes video games, give her a new game console or a good computer.


Don’t just assume that she likes frilly “girl” things. Don’t just assume that she likes the color pink. Some girls just don’t like it. Find out if she is already married or in a relationship with someone. If that’s the case, it’s probably not the best time to give her something that comes from deep within you. If you find that she doesn’t like the gift, don’t freak out. Finally, there’s her birthday and Christmas.

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