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How to Choose the Right Hula Hoop Size for an Adult

Spinning a hula hoop is not only fun, it also keeps you healthy. There are now many different types of ‘hula hooping’, for example, hula hoop dance or hoop fitness. Would you like to try hula hooping but don’t know which hoop to choose? If you want to find a suitable tire, you should consider a few factors when making your purchase, such as the size of the tire and its weight and what you intend to use the tire for. Have fun spinning your hoop!

The right size of your tire

Measure your height from your feet to your belly button.

This length will help you find the right diameter for your hula hoop. If your hula hoop is standing vertically on the floor, it should come up to your hips or mid-chest at most. This length determines the base diameter of your hula hoop and can easily be adjusted based on your own height and experience with a hoop. Most adults just starting with the hula hoop choose a hoop with a diameter of 100 to 112 cm.

Consider your physique.

If you’re smaller than the average adult, simply subtract two to four inches from the diameter found by measuring your height. If you’re taller than the average adult, add two to four inches to the diameter you measured earlier.

Experienced hula hoop users can choose a smaller hoop.

You can choose a smaller hoop if you already have a lot of practice with a hula hoop. The same applies if you are athletic or an experienced dancer. An experienced hula hoop user can deduct about five to eight centimeters from the hoop diameter, which was determined by measuring your height. If you’re having trouble spinning the hoop for at least five to ten seconds, then the hoop is probably too small and you should choose a larger hoop.

Consider the material and weight of your hula hoop

Go for a heavy tire if you are a beginner.

Hula hoops that are larger and heavier are good for beginners. Because the extra weight gives the hoop more momentum while the hula hoop circles around your body. Using heavier tires when learning a new trick is also a good idea.

Use a lighter hula hoop if you’re smaller.

If you are about 1.63 meters tall and built narrow, then you should use a tire made of material that is not quite as thick. Because then it is easier for you to hold the tire. A lighter tire is also easier to move if you have a narrower build.

Choose a hula hoop with a good grip or make your hoop grippier yourself.

A tire that is not particularly grippy can be more difficult for an inexperienced user. So if you buy a better grip, you can control the tire better. The material that increases the grip of your tire should be attached to the inside of the tire. You can also increase the grip of your tire yourself using the following materials: Sandpaper: Use 80 to 100 grit and attach the paper to the inside of your tire. This gives you more grip, and the hoop is easier to hold, but it also sticks better to your clothes. Anti-slip adhesive tape or grip tape: This tape can simply be wrapped around the tire. The tape can be purchased in many different colors. Hoop Wax: This wax is clear and can be smeared on the desired location on the hoop. This wax is very sticky.

Choose a hula hoop based on its usage

A lightweight hula hoop is best for hula hooping or hoop fitness.

So, choose a light and narrow hoop if you want to dance with your hoop. In addition, if you move a lot while swinging the hoop, you burn more calories. A heavy hoop can be uncomfortable on your joints, especially when performing your arms tricks. A heavy hoop can also hurt you more easily, or if you’re practicing with your hoop in your room, it’s easier to break something.

Buy different types of hula hoops.

It’s a good idea to have a variety of hula hoops that vary in size and weight. Depending on what exercise you are doing, you can choose the right tire. It is easier to use a light, small hoop for difficult and complex tricks. But if you want to do a workout, it makes sense to choose a heavy tire. Also, if you have more than one hoop around the house, your friends can spin a hoop too.

If you’re looking for a challenge, then LED hoops and fire hoops are a good idea.

If you are comfortable with the basic movements of the hula hoop, you can purchase a hoop with an LED or a fire hoop. Many companies sell fire tires online. It’s a good idea to buy fire rings in a smaller size and practice with them before lighting them. Because tricks with this type of tire often feel completely different. Fire hoops have wicks that protrude from the hoop, preventing the fire from getting too close to the user. Fire tires should only be used outdoors by experienced users.


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