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How to Find an Affordable Gaming Console

Gaming consoles are an incredibly popular item and have been for a couple of decades now. While they have gone through a massive evolution and transformation, at the core, they remain the same since they provide people with home entertainment that is exciting and immersive. But it’s not just gaming consoles that have been transformed; even browser-based games now feel more like the quality you’d get on a console. If you’re looking for an affordable gaming console, here are some tips on how you can find one.

Consider Lightly-Used Models

The first tip is to look into lightly-used models. Some stores sell these or you can check out local buy and sell groups. Even refurbished models can save you a bundle and make the price a whole lot more affordable. Just be sure that, if you’re to buy a used console, you think about the model. Will it still be compatible with the games you’re interested in or is it dated and no longer supported?

Understand Some Consoles are More Affordable Than Others

Another factor to consider is which platform or gaming console you want. They aren’t all priced the same so that factor alone may help you make a decision. In general, the Nintendo Switch is the most affordable, followed by the PlayStation and then the Xbox.

Choose the Portable Model of the Gaming Console

Did you know you can also save money by choosing the portable model of the gaming console you like? Take the Nintendo Switch as an example. This system retails for about $400 but, if you purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite (the portable hand-held model), the price drops to about $260. That is a significant saving and could make all the difference in the world. You just need to ask yourself if you’re okay with a handheld model, a smaller screen and potentially less responsiveness.

Desktops, Laptops and Chromebooks Can Also Act as Gaming Consoles

It’s also important for those on a budget to realise that desktop computers, laptops, and Chromebooks/notebooks can act as a gaming console. With the laptop and Chromebook option, you have the luxury of mobility thanks to the impressive battery power they offer. You can download a gaming app and sample the many browser-based games available.

In terms of browser-based games, you can find all the same genres that the consoles feature plus other options like the wildly popular online casinos. Players can visit sites such as to get their game on.

The good news about any of these devices is that finding models on sale is generally pretty easy. You can either research the ones currently available at a discounted price, or make a shortlist of ones you’re eyeing and then wait for a deal.

If you’re convinced that you’re going to need to bust your budget to buy a gaming console, it’s time to think again. There are ways to make the purchase more affordable no matter which console you have your eyes on.

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