how to get a new luxury watch every month

How To Get A New Luxury Watch Every Month?

Starting out as a new watch collector can be intimidating, to say the least. Discovering what’s quality, gathering a piece for every occasion, and exploring your own personal style are all difficult hurdles on the road to a strong collection, not to mention potentially expensive. For those looking to dip their toes in the waters of collection-building without too much difficulty, subscription services can be a simple stress-free alternative. A plethora of these services have cropped up in the past few years, but two stand head and shoulders above the rest: Watch Gang and Eleven James.

Watch Gang, the first of these, is designed to cater to the true beginner. The process starts out with a simple test: you’re shown a variety of different watch images, and you highlight your favorites. Based on these choices, Watch Gang tailors a selection of pieces to your own personal style and delivers one to your door each month. Once there, the timepieces are yours to keep. Watch Gang offers two tiers of this service- the original and Watch Gang Black. The basic Watch Gang program runs for $29 a month and provides a variety of quartz-powered micro brand timepieces valued between $50 and $150. The top level, Watch Gang Black, is priced at $99 a month, but offers a higher-quality assortment of more established brands with automatic or Swiss quartz movements usually appraised at $150-$500. The value for money Watch Gang offers is undeniable, and there’s no faster way to build a varied and balanced collection.

For those looking for a more luxe experience, however, look no further than Eleven James. Rather than a randomly selected watch once a month, Eleven James users pay a monthly fee to reserve the timepiece of their choosing for three months. The choices on display here are the cream of the crop, including heavy hitters like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and even true haute horologerie from marques like Patek Philippe and Breguet. Prices vary depending on the watch, but monthly fees generally run between $150 and $1000. After the three month period, subscribers are free to choose another watch from the Eleven James stockpile and return their current piece, or if desired can negotiate to buy the current watch instead. Even better, for those with established collections looking to boost their income, Eleven James allows users to consign their own watches to the collection for a time in exchange for a cut of the subscription fee for their watch. If you’ve ever wanted to jump into luxury watch ownership without the commitment, Eleven James is the way to go.

About Watch Gang

Watch Gang is one of the World’s Best Watch of the Month Club. Watch Gang partners with watch makers all over the world to bring you new brands and styles every month. Learn more about your watch style and discover new brands you’ll fall in love with. Join Watch Gang and we’ll send a brand new watch right to your door every month. Do you keep it? You sure do. Are the watches any good? Nah. They’re f*cking awesome. As a bonus, we give away a TAG every Tuesday and Rolex every Friday. No bull.

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