How to get your coupons featured on homepage?

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Looking to increase traffic and conversions for your business? You are in the right place! With CouponAnnie you can boost your site traffic from now on. Here’s how to do it.

Submit Coupons

First, submit your coupon codes. It may look very simple but to do it well needs some “SEO-friendly” tricks.

For example, you should include “Discount + Product + Brand” in the coupon title, like “20% Off Women Loafers at Macy’s”. Also add some magic words to juice up your offer like “Free”, “Limited Time”, “Exclusive”, “Last Minute”, “Final Sale”, etc.

And, do NOT neglect the description! Include something like expiration date, restrictions, pricing, and availability.

Get Featured on Homepage

However, the better way to get more traffic and generate more leads is by advertising with us. We have different placements to meet your goals. You can get your business featured on our homepage or even across the site.

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