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How to Keep Your Dog Active When You Live a Passive Life

Not everyone loves to run 5 miles per day to stay fit. Most people, in fact, enjoy leading a sedentary life as they have several commitments to work towards. This only means you cannot always engage with your dog. Your canine friend does not understand you need to work. They only want your undivided attention. Especially if you own large, active breed dogs, they would always want to do something or the other. It can become challenging for a person who lives a sedentary lifestyle to keep up with such an active dog.

The most commonsensical thing to do is to adopt a dog breed that does not demand a lot of physical activity so that you can easily keep up with your furry friend. Usually, smaller dog breeds do not need much activity, and the exercise you offer them at home is enough to burn all their energy. But if you already own an active dog, you need to implement a few techniques to keep them engaged and tire them.

1. Understand Your Dog’s Activity Level:

Not every dog needs the same amount of exercise, and it varies from breed to breed. This is why it is important you learn about your dog’s breed well. If you own a doodle, do check out We Love Doodles to get all the needed information. Over-exercise can cause joint issues in dogs and under-exercise can cause obesity; hence know the level of activity your dog needs every day.

2. Take Your Dog to a Dog Park:

If you love sitting on garden benches, why not choose to go to a dog park instead? You can leave your canine friend off-leash with other dogs while you enjoy your time watching your dog having a good time. Interaction with other dogs is significant; hence, you are actually achieving two goals with one activity. This will also help you get to know other pet parents and develop new friendships.

3. Get Another Dog:

This may sound crazy, but this is actually a great idea many dog owners implement. Dogs need a play buddy, which is why they want you to engage with them most of the day. If you get another dog to engage with, they will get busy playing, and you can comfortably find your own sweet time to engage with your dogs. Obviously, you need to consider the extra expenditure and responsibility that will be added upon you. But this is a really beneficial thing for your dog as well, especially if you cannot offer it the needed activity.

4. Set Dog Play Date:

If you cannot afford to get one more dog, another excellent idea is to create friendships with other pet owners. You can organize pet playdates in one pet parent’s house every week. This way, your dog will get to socialize frequently and you will also get some break from your friend to finish all of your errands. This means you will have more time in your hands when your dog gets back.

5. Seek Help of Family Members:

If you are not alone at home and live with a family, it is not just your responsibility to engage with the dog. Divide the responsibilities so that each one of you gets involved with the pet. This way you will not have to spend a lot of time with your pet every day, but your dog will still get the activity needed.

6. Hide Treats in your Home:

Dogs love to sniff and find their food. If you hide its treat in various corners of the home, this gives the dog good stimulation as they smell and search for their treats. This activity can keep them engaged for at least a half-hour and post that they will want to take a short nap for sure.

7. Get Them Toys:

This is really easy as you just need to find their favorite toy and they will love to spend hours playing with it. Obviously, a lot of toys may get destroyed in the process hence refrain from overspending on the toys. After all, your dog does not really care for expensive toys. Squeaky toys and tugs are quite famous with dogs, hence you can start from there.

8. Play Fetch:

Fetch is one of the games that actually give your dog a lot of activity and you just need to throw the ball. This is very exciting for them and they also enjoy their time with you. It will improve your bond with your canine friend. Refrain from playing fetch indoors as slippery tiles can cause them injury, as they do not get a grip and slip on it.

9. Get a Toy Feeder:

The most exciting play for a dog is with food, as they are highly food motivated. If you are unable to give your dog enough physical activity, mental stimulation also does the trick. When you get a toy feeder like a wobbler that dispenses food when it is pushed or a puzzle feeder, this will keep the dog’s mind active and help them get tired soon. You can also use a snuffle mat that helps dogs increase their sniff power and also stimulates their mind. Luckily, there are many such toy feeders available in the market for you to choose from. Keep changing the puzzles to increase the difficulty level as well. Find out here what foods to avoid.

10. Train Your Dog:

A mini-training session every day with treats as rewards can really be tiring and fulfilling for dogs. Also, they learn new commands which are going to be really helpful. Remember to give them lots of treats after the end of the session so that they look forward to it and wish to do better the next day.

The Bottom Line- Try to Get Active:

It is never the wrong time to increase your activity. This will only be beneficial, and you may start enjoying an active lifestyle. See this as a motivation to become active, as your best friend really needs you to be. This way, you will not just ensure your dog gets enough activity but also you too.

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