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How to Locate Someone Who Fell Through the Cracks

The homeless problem in America keeps growing. Some people who help the homeless now use the term “unhoused” when talking about these individuals. However, you put it, inflation and the pandemic combined to force many more people out of their living situations recently.

You can also point to factors like the stagnant national minimum wage. In many cities, you can’t support yourself without working multiple jobs. You may have to live with several roommates so you can all afford the rent on a house or apartment together.

With all this going on, people slip through the cracks all the time. You might not talk to a relative for a while, and the next thing you know, they’ve disappeared. Maybe their landlord evicted them, and now, they’re living on the street.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can find someone with whom you’ve lost touch.

Free People Lookup Sites

Making informed decisions with the help of a service like freepeoplesearch.com helps many companies with the hiring process. These business entities can find out about job candidates when they plug their names into one of these free websites.

You can also learn about someone’s location in many instances by using one of these sites yourself. Many of them cost nothing, and you can do as many searches with them as you like.

You can start by typing in the lost or missing person’s name. You can enhance the process when you put in as much other additional information as you have.

For example, you might put in the lost person’s last known address and phone number. You can put in any social media accounts they once used. You might put in their social security number or their last job information if you have that.

The more info you put in, the more likely you can find that person. Even if you can’t locate them through these services, you might figure out what city or state you should target.

If a landlord evicts someone, that’s public record. The free person lookup search will tell you that. It will tell you if the person you’re trying to find has recent criminal convictions. Maybe they’re dealing with a public intoxication ticket or something along those lines.

These sites often put you on the right track. Even if you assume based on what you find that this person doesn’t have a home address right now, you’ll at least know what city to visit as you intensify your search.

Go to that City and Search Homeless Shelters

Let’s say you used a free person lookup site, which leads you to believe that the person you seek stays in a particular city or part of the country. You can travel there in person and look for them.

Once you get there, if you feel this person doesn’t have a valid home address anymore, you can start

looking for them at homeless shelters. Even if they live under a bridge or spend their nights sleeping in public parks, they might visit shelters for food handouts. The volunteers there may know them by name.

You can hunt through the streets for them, but if you do, exercise caution. The unhoused population sometimes suffers from mental illness. Robberies or other dangerous situations might arise if you look for the person you lost in crime-plagued neighborhoods.

You Can Hire a Private Investigator

If you can’t find someone through a free person lookup site, and you can’t locate them by traveling to their last known address or city, you might have to contact a professional at that point. You can reach out to a private investigator if you can find one that’s in your price range.

Private investigators often have resources they can use that you don’t have. They can speak to police departments and other officials and get reports or tips that you likely won’t uncover on your own.

If you can find the person who has gone missing, you should do all you can to get them off the streets. If you can offer them a place to live with you, do that. Maybe you can try to get them off drugs or get them professional help if they’re dealing with undiagnosed mental issues like PTSD, schizophrenia, or something along those lines.

Remember, just because you’ve lost touch with someone, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the relationship, especially if you feel strongly that this person needs help.

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