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How to make an Aries man miss you

Aries men are notorious for their love of hunting. Although they can get bored easily, you can get them to come back without playing games. You just have to embrace everything that makes you unique and different from the rest to keep him with you. Read on for some tips on how to make this independent zodiac sign miss you.

Stay strong and independent

Aries men are looking for a partner who doesn’t need them.

While you’re getting to know the Aries man you’ve got your eye on, make plans with your friends and do interesting things without him. As much as you enjoy your time together, keep your schedule full of things unrelated to him (in addition to your dates). It makes your time together special and he will be amazed by all the cool things you do in your free time. This also gives the Aries man space to be himself. He usually has a busy schedule (classes and plans with friends) and wants to be with someone who has a similar lifestyle.

Pursue your dreams

Aries are impressed by strong will and determination.

Focus on your future goals, like going back to school, running a marathon, or writing a novel. The more demanding, the better. When spending time with the Aries man you like, talk about all the dreams you are currently pursuing. He will be blinded by your ambition and will probably spend his time away from you thinking about all the amazing things you will do one day. If he asks you what you’ve been up to lately, take the opportunity to tell him how you’re achieving your goals. Say, “I’ve been so busy with grad school applications. I’m trying to do my masters in poetry.”

Support his goals

An Aries man wants a partner who respects his ambition.

Ask him questions about his future plans and show that you support him in achieving his goals. As you get to know each other better, keep track of his goals and tell him it’s only a matter of time before he achieves them. He will miss your encouragement when you are not around. Maybe he’s working on a big presentation for his thesis. When it’s time for his presentation, ask if you can join as part of the audience. Maybe he’s a singer in a band. Ask him how the recording of his demos went and if he plans to release his album anytime soon.

Flatter his talents

Compliment him on his many skills and abilities.

Aries men are usually quite proud of their achievements and they look for a partner who is also proud of them. Let him know how impressed you are with conversations and texts. Text him something like, “I just looked at the article you wrote. I love that you use so much sensual detail.” or “Your arguments in class today were excellent. They made me think about philosophy in a whole new way.”

Engage in fiery debates

A minor conflict keeps an Aries man interested.

When conversing with the Aries you’re into, don’t shy away from topics like politics, philosophy, and religion. Tell him news about these topics and ask his opinion. Even if you agree, in the spirit of a good debate, you should offer counter-arguments. Be respectful and listen to his point of view, but don’t be afraid to disagree. Most likely, he will be attracted to your confidence and belief in your own opinion. Send him a link to an article you’ve read along with the message, “I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.” Although Aries men typically share many traits, everyone is different. If they’re not responding well to the debate or If you don’t want to talk about personal topics like religion, it’s best to respect that and choose a different topic.

Planning spontaneous and adventurous dates

An Aries man can easily get bored.

To make him miss being with you, make your dates interesting. Instead of the usual things like dinner and a movie, opt for exciting and exciting dates like a challenging hike or a day trip to a new city. He’ll like that you don’t want to stick to a predictable routine. Your bold nature will make him plan more dates with you. Other date ideas include going to a drive-in movie, rollerblading, skateboarding, or biking, swimming, and having a picnic by the nearest river

Be honest about yourself

Aries are known for their outspoken honesty.

You value this quality in others. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not to impress an Aries man. This will probably do the opposite because what he’s really looking for is a partner who’s as real as he is. Stay true to yourself, even if it means sometimes disagreeing with him. Your genuine nature will help you stand out and he will want to learn more about all of your unique qualities and opinions. Maybe he wrote you that he’s not a fan of a certain band. If you like this band say so. An Aries will usually appreciate a different point of view. Make your answer funny with something like, “I’m not a big fan either. I’ve only seen them at concerts five times and I own all of their albums.”

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