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How To Pack Books – Tips From Packing Experts

For book lovers, it won’t be easy to pack books for a move. Regardless of their size, books are among the heaviest items. Movers can help you pack and move these books professionally. If you’re not a book lover, you’ll still have plenty of books to move. The best approach is to get rid of books that are no longer needed when you decide to move.

Remember, moving companies calculate charges based on weight and distance, so having too many books can add significantly to the moving price. So, here we’ll share some tips from experts so that you pack and move your books easily.

10 Tips from Packing Experts for Packing Books

The below-given tips can help you save money and time.

Get Rid of Books You Don’t Need

In case of long-distance moves, the movers charge by weight, so ensure that you go through your books to find books you longer need. Moving provides you with a great opportunity to separate “done with that” and “must-have” books.

It will help you pack books that you’ll need in your new home. You can sell your old books at church, school libraries, used book retailers, and second-hand stores. Our goal is to thin book collections so that we can pack less and save money.

Box Selection

When you have separated the must-have books, the next step is to get some medium-sized cardboard boxes. Ensure that boxes are sturdy. Moreover, the boxes should be free from dampness, and they can hold the weight. There is no need to worry about sturdiness when you purchase new boxes. But dampness can be a concern if you purchase used boxes.

Get Other Packing Supplies

You need to get some sturdy packing tape. It will help you secure the top and bottom of the box. Get some markers to label the boxes.

Prepare Boxes for Packing Books

Put all the boxes together and seal them from top and bottom. The best practice is to use a double layer of tape to cover all the seams. This practice is for new boxes. But in the case of used or old boxes, use three layers of tape at the bottom to ensure that it will hold the book’s weight.

Pack Hardcover Books First

Place your hardcover books in the boxes standing in an upright position. Place books in a box in the way you place them on a shelf. Ensure that you keep them in a way that there is no space between them. If you feel some books are expensive and need protection, wrap them in packing paper before placing them in the box. Moreover, you can pack inexpensive and less valuable books flat and stacked.

Organize Books By Size

When you organize your books by size, it will be easier for you to place them in the box. Moreover, when books are organized by size, they don’t shift much.

Pack Paperbacks

When packing such books, ensure that you keep the paper edges up. Otherwise, when you keep the edges down, the pages will bend. If there is space in the box, you can place multiple books by using different methods. You need to take care of one thing that the books are not placed at odd angles.

Secure the Boxes

After placing books in the box, fill the remaining spaces with wadded-up paper before closing the box. If you don’t fill spaces, the books will shift during the move and cause damage. Use tape to secure the box and label “Books” on the box. In case you have purchased some used boxes, they’ll already have something written on them. So, ensure that you cross the previous markings so that it doesn’t confuse movers.

Load Boxes in the Truck

Boxes containing books are generally heavier than the other boxes. Keep them on the floor of your moving truck. Secure these boxes so that they can’t shift. When these boxes topple, they can cause significant damage to breakable items and furniture.  

Save As Much Money As You Can

Even the most voracious book readers decide that they don’t need to pack and carry all their books to their new home. So, when you decide that you don’t need to pack some books, you can donate them to:

  • Charity
  • School
  • Library

You can also gift them to your neighbors, friends, and family members. When you donate books, ensure that you get a receipt so that you can claim your tax deduction.

Final Words

Moving books to a new home can be very expensive therefore you need to thin your book collection. Moreover, when you follow these expert tips, you can protect your belongings from damage and save lots of money on packing and moving books.

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