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How to save money on buying books

Do you always end up buying books every month and accrue a considerable amount in your bankroll that is spent on purchasing books? Having numerous journals in your kitty is a sign of a book lover.

But how do you add more to your collection without spending much money? Books do cost you huge, especially when it is written by celebrity and well-known authors. But does that stop you from being in possession of such journals that are worth a read?

Not at all! Nothing should stop you from reading a journal that is enticing enough to make you fall in love with it. Are you thinking about how to save money without compromising your interest in books? Please go through further:

Hit a local library

Visiting a library every day can save you a lot of pence in a big way. Gone are those days when a library was just meant for students where you would hear sssh and shoosh resembling the tomb of silence.

Libraries have walked past this age-old myth. You can think of them to be money saving buildings wherein you can get a lot of books for free. Yes, you have heard it right! All you need to do is get a membership in a reputed library of your cities, and you can gain access to a never-ending quantity of books.

Go thrift shopping

Did you think that thrift stores are just meant for clothing and apparel? You are sadly mistaken in this case! You can also get books at thrift stores and is one of the best answers that you will get when you think of how to cut down funds while looking for the books.

And, by purchasing books at thrift stores, you cut back yourself from purchasing costly ones. Ranging from textbooks to storybooks, novels, Shakespearean tragedy, thrillers, you can get books of all genres at thrift stores and that too at significantly discounted prices.

Purchasing second-hand books

Purchasing second-hand books are one of the most cost-effective ways to purchase them for cheap. And, the good news is that not only are second-hand materials available in brick and mortar shops that sell second-hand but also at online stores.

Amazon, eBay, thrift books, there are a lot many online platforms where you can buy second-hand materials for almost half the original price.


Beyond hitting a traditional library, you can also take the route of hitting an e-library to cut back your time and effort. One can find multitudes of audiobooks and eBooks available on various book houses, and you can take advantage of them by registering yourself at any one of them.

Further, you can seek membership and get started with downloading eBooks of your choice and requirement. One of the best things about these is that you get access to a wide range of books in comparison to a local library.

The options may be limited in a traditional book house, and there are chances that you might fail to fetch a book of your use, but ebook houses have a broader scope and can help you get what you want.

Book swapping

Another cost-effective and interesting way to cut down a few bucks on journals is by swapping it with like-minded people. Not only does this method stand to be a money-cutting hack, but it also ends up being space-efficient.

When you have too many books that have outgrown your shelves, you can consider clearing unwanted stuff by passing such materials to others who may need it. Also, by swapping, you can bring new materials for yourself and fall in love with the new additions to your shelf.

But how to start a swap? For this, you can consider being a part of book swap parties, little free houses, and other platforms that allow you to swap your reading beauties with people of the same interest.

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Signing up for subscription programs

Going digital to pursue your hobby of reading lays before you countless options and better deals. If you like to read as soon as the journal is released, it is a good idea to join subscription programs that provide you access to the new releases.

You can expect to spend less in such a case in comparison to the original price when you subscribe to such programs.

Ask for gifts

Have you ever landed down in a situation wherein your friends or family members ask you what you want for your birthday? As an avid reader, you should know what you should answer. Yes, of course ‘books’. Getting freebies in the form of books is an awesome way to save money.

Though it may sound a bit weird, but everything is fair when you are a prolific reader and are in search of new journals. In fact, you should create your image such that whenever someone thinks of purchasing you a gift, books should be the very first thing that should pop up in their mind.

Borrow books

If you have a few friends who have the same hobbies as you, then why not take books from them? After all, birds of the same feather flock together! It would be a highly feasible idea if you can share materials with your pals and get a free read without spending even a penny.

In fact, you can form a group with a few of your pals and decide on books that each one will buy. This way, every friend can restrict themselves to purchase the decided number of journals but yet have access to umpteen numbers of materials by exchanging and borrowing for a read.

Kindling your way

Another easy-breezy hack to scrimp on books is downloading Kindle and getting access to the world of electronics and all-time classics.

If you can use your phones or tablets for a read, then downloading Kindle and treating yourself to an e-collection present on it is a super price-cutting deal that you can relish. And, one of the best things is that it also allows you to lend and use on this platform.


It’s a nice feeling to have too many journals around you when you are termed as a bookworm. With a book, you can never feel lonely as you always have something that can keep your spirits high and be a companion for your loneliness.

But purchasing all the time can cause some considerable money drain, but not anymore! With the tips mentioned above, you can indeed cut down a lot of money and yet add journals to your collection without regrets.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and see how you can give wings to the bibliophile inside you!

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