How to save on your Instagram page’s promotion and do it almost for free?

Almost each one of us had the time when they were thinking: “Hmm, I could gain way more likes and views if I only took care of my Instagram account and did something about its promotion… is there a way to do it for free?” – and stopped, because hiring a professional SMM manager is not on every person’s budget. But the truth is that your thoughts are totally realistic: no matter what you’re seeking on Instagram, you could get way more attention than you have now by simply using some free and almost free tools that are available right now due to the promotional sphere’s progress.

Can you do it totally for free? Well, yes and no, but what is totally clear is that you can start off for free and then add up just a little bit of paid promotional options with the most efficiency possible. What to start with? After you have organized your page decently and have uploaded enough posts (9 to 12 are recommended to begin with) and sorted stories into highlights, you can go to your competitors’ pages and look through their subscribers lists. Find people who have activity on their pages and who have seemingly subscribed to your rivals recently and follow them. You can definitely hope for the mutual subscription if your content is good enough – if they are following your competitor’s page, they might get interested in you as well.

This is totally free, and if you spend at least half an hour each day like this, you will totally be able to gather your first several hundred subscribers. All you need is some effort, patience and time; we think you totally got those, especially if you do not want to spend a penny on promotion. And when this will stop working, you can turn to help from the third party paid promotional services. These give a chance to buy followers on Instagram and this way cover your needs in subscribers and account’s growth, while you do not have a natural page’s resources for it. Due to the paid services like this you are able to save money while not hiring an SMM manager and at the same time give your profile a decent booster. How much should such service cost and how to distinguish a decent quality pack with followers from a scam one?

Yes, scam has a place in this world as well; some companies claim to sell the highest quality services while delivering fakes and bots to their clients as promised followers. Why is it bad though, bots can also increase the number of followers, isn’t that what we have been searching for? Yes and no: bots will increase the number of subs, but will also destroy the statistics that your profile has. Imagine that: let’s say, your posts are being viewed and liked by 100 people, while you have 200 followers. That’s nice, your activity level is around 50%, it looks like your page is being visited by real people. But what if you have bought 800 bots, and now you have 1000 subs in total, while your posts are still liked by only 100? That’s quite bad and looks like a fake statistic that is going to push you way down. Instagram algorithms are going to perceive your page as fake as well, and not going to recommend it to real people who might be interested in your content.

So if you are making a decision to use some paid help, make sure that you do things right and buy real Instagram followers – you will still be able to save on those, because even if the service is real, it doesn’t cost too much money. You will spend from 5 to 20 dollars in total, and that is going to be a good and a very helpful bargain. Plus, big and decent promotional companies usually have quite decent promotional offers that help people to save money even more: they give personal and public discounts and often put different sections with various packages on their website for sales. Look these up and you will be able to help yourself with saving even more. And if you do not have time for such a research, you can use the links that we have given you in this article – trust us, these will do just fine!

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