how to sketch in 3 simple steps

How to sketch in 3 simple steps?

Viviva Colors is an India based small company that started in 2017 with a goal to make art more accessible, fun, and easy. They introduced the world to the most innovative and portable watercolors on the planet – Viviva Colorsheets! These colors definitely added fun and made painting easy for hobbyists, and artists but the idea of making art easy for all was still unsolved. Think about it this way – “What’s the toughest part of creating art? Sketching!”

That’s it – the solution is to make the sketching easy for everyone. After a lot of brainstorming and trial & error finally, the difficulty out of sketching was removed with a simple and elegant product, the Easy-Sketchbook.

This is the world’s first sketchbook with a seamlessly integrated sketching mirror and made with the highest quality materials. 

The Easy-Sketchbook has made art so easy that now anyone, literally anyone can sketch – this sketchbook is indeed a revolution in the art industry!

Now anyone can become an artist in 3 simple steps:

  • Easily set up the Easy Sketching Mirror in 3 seconds
  • Pick an image to sketch, on your phone
  • Start sketching through the special Acrylic Half Mirror

Click here to see the Easy-Sketchbook in action and buy them for just $35 directly from their website.

This isn’t all, check out the features they will make you go gaga over the Sketchbook:

  • A5 size sketchbook
  • Lessebo Design Paper with a thickness of 240 GSM. This makes it perfect for sketching, inking, and painting!
  • 64 super smooth cream color papers
  • The sketchbook is bound with Premium Faux Leather – this gives it a rich feel without harming the environment 🙂
  • Integrated Easy Sketching half mirror which makes it an Easy-Sketchbook

Click on the image to view the product photos.

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