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How to Spend Mother’s Day in 2022 Under the Influence of COVID-19

On Sunday, May 8, we get the opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives. Whether that’s the mother who raised you, a new mom, or a mother figure in your life, you get to honor them and show them how much they mean to you.

There are many reasons why you might not be able to spend Mother’s Day with your mom. You could live across the country or be separated by oceans. Over the last couple of years, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world’s way of life and getting creative to show you care has become the norm.

If you can’t be there for Mother’s Day, there are still ways to make the day special without being there, whether that’s choosing a thoughtful and meaningful gift or arranging a special, fun Zoom call. Here are a few ideas for you to spend your Mother’s Day to make the mom in your life feel special.

Send Her a Memorable Gift 


Getting your mom a gift is more than just a quick card and flowers. Although knowing your mom, she’ll absolutely love them and cherish them. You want to go above and beyond and give her something that will last and be able to uniquely showcase fond memories. AEEZO Dream Plus Digital frame gives the special mom in your life a touching way to be able to share photos anywhere and anytime. This frame connects to WiFi and can store up to 30,000 photos with the built-in storage space of 16GB and an SD card slot designed on the side of the frame, which supports a maximum capacity of 128GB. When you’re distanced from your mom, what better way to share memories than to be able to upload new photos every day through every milestone directly through an app.

Take an Online Class Together


Arrange a virtual class where you can create crafts or enroll in a local paint n sip and be sure to send supplies. There are online cooking classes where you can learn a new dish. There are endless possibilities for a fun online classroom experience for you two to learn a new skill together and enjoy each other’s company.

Host a Virtual Game Night


You don’t have to get together to create lasting memories. You can get the whole family involved. You can set up a board game through Zoom or host a HouseParty and have one person feature the board on a screen and help move the pieces.

Watch a Movie Together 


Getting together on video chats has become second nature to most people these days. One way to create a shared experience with your mom is by connecting through a video chat and enjoying a movie night with her and the family. Send her some of her favorite movies treats before the big day and get ready to enjoy a new movie together. You get to chat about the movie and share in each other’s reactions. It’s almost as if you two are together.

Surprise Her with a Video Call through AiMOR


When there are restrictions in place, or you cannot visit your mom, a great way to make her feel loved is to plan a surprise call. Send her our frame on Mother’s Day and call her through the AiMOR app, where you can connect to the 10.1-inch screen and share the love. She can store up to 20,000 digital photos of the family and cherished memories. It’s a great way to connect, catch up, and make her feel loved.

With so many huge perks for moms worldwide, it would be almost crazy not to get our 10 INCH AEEZO Smart Video Digital Frame in Amazon store for your loved one as the perfect Mother’s Day gift, especially with our Amazon 15% OFF coupon+5% OFF Code (25KLHWUO) sale for moms happening right now. This gift is sure to tell your mom or any lucky lady in your life just how much they mean to you.

Enjoy Brunch over FaceTime 


Mother’s Day brunch is everyone’s favorite Mother’s Day tradition. Just because you are not able to get together doesn’t mean you can’t still do brunch. Send your mom a gift card for her favorite breakfast restaurant and a care package for her favorite brunch drink and schedule a time to get together and share the meal virtually. You’ll forget you have distance between.

The mom in your life has done so much to make you feel special and loved, and Mother’s Day is one day dedicated to returning the favor. Spending time apart is never easy, no matter what the reason is and making the most out of what you have is the best way to show you care. Make this Mother’s Day personal regardless of the distance and connect and celebrate while making the day special from afar.

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