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How to Turn on the Keyboard Backlight on an HP Pavilion

This article teaches you how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an HP Pavilion laptop. Usually, you can just press a specific function key like “F5” to do this. However, if the lights don’t turn on, you may be able to reset them with a hard reboot.

Switch on the light

Connect the charger to your computer.

In some cases, the keyboard backlight may not turn on if your device isn’t charged to a certain level while it’s not on the charger. This problem is easily solved by simply connecting the charger to the computer.

Find the light button.

This key is always one of the function keys, typically F5, at the top of the keyboard. The symbol is three dots.

Press the backlight button a few times.

If your computer’s keyboard is set to have an effect when you press this function key, you’ll use it to cycle through your computer’s brightness settings. You should see the keyboard backlight dim and brighten. If nothing happens when you press the button, continue to the next step.

Try pressing the backlight button while you’re up

Fn The Fn key is on the bottom left of the keyboard. If you were unable to turn on the keyboard backlight in the last step, then pressing Fn while pressing the function key will cause your computer to use the key to change the brightness of the keyboard backlight. You may have to press the backlight button a few times while simultaneously pressing Fn to cycle through all the brightness options.

Make sure your HP Pavilion has a keyboard light.

Not all HP Pavilion laptops have a backlit keyboard. If you haven’t been able to find the option to turn on the keyboard backlight, check your user guide or online documentation to see if your device has this feature.

Reset a malfunction

Make sure your HP Pavilion has a removable battery.

You can perform a “hard reboot” of your HP computer to fix possible hardware issues with the keyboard backlight, but this will require you to remove the device’s battery. While you can technically remove the battery on sealed variants of the HP Pavilion, doing so requires removing the keyboard and several sensitive components before accessing the battery, so this is not recommended.

Disconnect any cables or USB devices from the computer.

This also includes the charging cable, USB sticks, speakers, etc.

Turn off the computer.

Proceed as follows: Click on the start Icon. Click Power. Click Turn off in the pop-up.

Remove the device’s battery.

As long as your computer has a removable battery, you can follow these steps to do this: Turn the computer over so the bottom is facing up. Press and hold the switches on the battery compartment inward. Pull the battery cover away from the laptop. Pull the battery out of the device and place it on a soft, dry surface, such as a towel.

Press the power button for 20 seconds.

This discharges the computer’s residual power.

Put the battery back in and close the compartment.

Now you can turn the computer back on. Reconnect the device to the charger if the battery level was low before the hard reboot.

Turn your computer back on.

To do this, press its power button. It will boot up as usual.

Now that you’ve hard rebooted, you should be able to cycle through your keyboard backlight brightness settings.


Fixing a broken keyboard backlight usually requires expert intervention.


If your computer’s backlight is broken or burned out, you will need to have it replaced.


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