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How to write a letter as Santa Claus to your children

For over 150 years, children have written their wish lists to Santa Claus. Why not surprise your child with a reply letter from Santa? Here are some ideas to make such a letter more heartfelt and believable.

Write a personalized letter

Address the

If you really want the child to believe that the letter is from Santa Claus, you should address the letter to the child. In the letter, you should mention the name at least twice, plus the salutation at the beginning of the letter. Include details in the letter that show Santa knows the child. For example, you can commend something specific that the child has accomplished this year. Or you mention details related to your family. For example, if your house doesn’t have a chimney, you can explain that Santa can still come inside. You can also mention a favorite pet, address the child’s interests, or write down something they recently did at school. You can include a sentence about family gatherings or trips to add credibility to your letter. If you are religious you can also refer to the birth of Jesus

Use positive reinforcement.

Use the letter to encourage your child to continue to behave properly. Explain in detail why your offspring deserves a reward. Tell the child whether or not they have to fear a visit from Farmhand Ruprecht (but only write this down if the child will have a visit from Santa Claus). Tell your offspring that if they’re good, they’ll be rewarded at Christmas time. Focus on milestones and achievements from the past year (such as the child being able to use the potty or becoming class president). This will encourage your child to be positive for the rest of the year.

Ask the child to do something specific.

Kids take requests from Santa very seriously, so this is your chance. Ask the child to put milk and cookies under the Christmas tree for Santa and some carrots for his reindeer. So end your letter with a request. You can also ask the child to do certain things during the year (whatever the child has to work on), like doing their homework or helping with the dishes.

Stay positive

This cannot be stressed enough! A letter from Santa is not the place to scold or scold your child. Describe the good qualities the child possesses, such as having a good sense of humor, smiling a lot, and caring for animals. Use positive words. Even if your child hasn’t always been good, praise them for the things they did right or well during the year. Children like to be told that you like or love them, that they are interesting and unique, that they make people smile, and that their presence is appreciated. Many websites have lists where you can find affirming words that may be meaningful to a child. These include kind, respectful, helpful, responsible, trustworthy, gentle, and well-behaved. Use warm, affirming statements that signal that you love and appreciate the child.

Keep your role.

If you’ve written a letter to your child, be sure to mention the things you expect to hear from Santa. Be good-natured and cheerful. Talk about your reindeer and Mrs. Santa Claus. Don’t forget to write “Ho ho ho.”

Use the post office’s Christmas mail service

Write to Santa using the Deutsche Post service and receive a reply letter.

This tradition was invented 52 years ago. First, have your child write a letter to Santa Claus. The letter is then sent to Santa Claus. Santa Claus has two branches in Germany, where he and his helpers take care of answering the letters. The first address was: To Santa Claus, Christmas Post Office, 16798 Himmelpfort. The second address is: To Santa Claus, Himmelsthür, 31137 Hildesheim. Don’t forget to write your sender’s address on the letter, otherwise, you won’t be able to get a reply. By the way, Santa Claus also answers letters from abroad and in different languages ​​and even Braille.

Send your letter on time.

The wish list should reach Santa Claus by the third Sunday in Advent so that the answer can reach you in good time before Christmas Eve. The child will receive the letter from Santa in the regular mail. If the letter arrives in the mail, it seems more believable to a child.

Use a template for the letter

Search for templates online.

You can find many free templates online on how to write a letter that looks like it’s from Santa Claus. Many sites have letter templates that can be customized to your liking. The website provides the template, which you can then personalize by adding details about your child, such as their name or hometown. Some sites provide this service for free, while others require you to pay for it. There are also many websites from which you can download Santa stationery. This way, your letter will look a lot more believable when your child receives it.

Use a Santa Claus letter writing service.

Many museums, companies, and non-profit organizations send a letter from Santa Clause after the child writes a letter first. These letters can seem very authentic because they address specific things that the child wrote to Santa. The letters often end up in the mailbox in the regular mail, which leads the child to believe that you can’t be the sender (especially if the letter has a stamp or postage stamp from the North Pole).

Make the letter look old.

The letter will look like a fake when you print it out from your computer. Use nice stationery or plain white paper and give it a slightly wrinkled look. Handwritten letters are more persuasive as long as they aren’t written in your handwriting. For this reason, ask a co-worker or neighbor to write a letter for you. Don’t forget to send it to an address at the North Pole. Also, make sure to sign the letter as Santa Claus.


Do not get caught! Consider rolling up the letter and tying it up with a gift ribbon.

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