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Indoor Activities Aussies Love Doing On A Rainy Day

When it rains in Australia, most of the time it is not too heavy and allows you to go about your day. However, you do get those days when it rains and there is not much you can do outdoors.

When Aussies get caught indoors due to inclement weather, they usually indulge themselves in these five activities.

Binge Watch Anything Interesting on Netflix


This is arguably the favorite pastime for most Aussies when they are stranded at home due to the weather. They can binge watch a list of different movies, TV shows and documentaries on Netflix. If it’s not Netflix, it is going to be some other streaming service whether it is YouTube, Stan or Binge.

Netflix has a cool feature that lets you see the top 10 movies in Australia on a daily basis and that’s a great place to start if you are not too picky. Aussies like to watch back to back shows and movies during these wet and rainy days as it allows them to chill out, de-stress and take a break from normal life.

Playing on Online Casinos

online casino

Aussies love their pokies and like going out, chatting with mates and playing the pokies at their favorite club or bar. When it rains, no one feels like going out to play pokies. A lot of Aussies prefer to go to their favorite online casino and start playing online pokies.

This is a great way for them to pass their time and see if they can win some cash playing their favorite pokie games. And, because online gambling offers an element of excitement and adrenaline rush, it’s easy to see why it’s an activity Aussies absolutely love.

A lot of Aussies now prefer playing at an online casino as they no longer have to dress up and go out to a land based casino for a night out on the gaming floor. A rainy day is a great excuse for them to stay indoors, access their favorite online casino and spin the reels on some of their favorite pokies.

Put Something on the Barbie


If you are not an Aussie, you might wonder what a Barbie is! Aussies love to shorten words and a Barbie is a short form for barbeque. When it gets cold and rainy, you tend to get very hungry and the best way to solve that problem is to turn on the Barbie and start grilling. Throw some steak on the Barbie, let the meat sizzle, pour yourself a whisky or a cold one depending on the weather and relax. If you don’t have meats in the fridge, then you might have to do a quick trip to Coles or Woolies in the rain to get you some meats.

Spotify and Clean


Staying indoors when it rains can drive some Aussies up the wall as they don’t like to be confined, sitting around, doing nothing. A lot of Aussies tend to use this downtime to start cleaning be it their house, garage or their closet. Open Spotify, connect to your favorite playlist and start cleaning.

Most Aussies end up playing music when they clean as it helps them forget about the time, distract themselves from the work at hand and enjoy the process. When the day is almost done, you end up being pleased as you put your time to good use and were productive during a rainy day.

Online Shopping

online shopping

Online shopping is one of the biggest pastimes for Aussies whether it is raining or not. When you are stuck at home due to the weather, rugged up in bed and don’t want to get out and do much, you end up browsing different e-commerce portals to see if there is something you can buy.

Aussies do spend a lot of time browsing sites like eBay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace to search for things they need or just browse and see if there is something they like. Aussies also like to look for online discounts and coupons to get great deals on their online shopping.

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