June Shopping Guides: What to Buy and What Not to Buy

While some consider Memorial Day to be the start of summer, June is when the hottest season of the year officially kicks off. This month is filled with reasons to celebrate, from delicious food holidays to Father’s Day. To help keep your budget intact, we’re offering a guide to the best things to buy in June, as well as the items to get later.

13 Best Things to Buy in June

Independence Day Flights

Airfare app Hopper recommends booking flights for major holidays between four and eight weeks in advance. So if you book airfare for your Independence Day vacation no later than June 6, you’ll be better off. Look for a good price on a round-trip ticket to be around $327.

Free Donuts on National Donut Day

If you like freebies (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to mark your calendars for National Donut Day on June 7. Many shops will require you to make a purchase to snag free donuts, but not all of them. In fact, Duck Donuts, Fractured Prune, and Krispy Kreme all gave away completely free treats last year to celebrate.

Father’s Day Gifts

We saw more branded sales for Father’s Day than Mother’s Day last year, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding discounted gifts for dads. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops will have items as cheap as $3, or bigger items closer to $100 for outdoor-loving papas.

Alternatively, you can shop dapper items at stores like Allen Edmonds, which took up to $200 off select shoes last year. And if tools are your dad’s thing, Home Depot and Lowe’s are both good options; they’ll take anywhere from 50% to 75% off during their Father’s Day sales.

Anything on Your Wish List

June 18 is National Splurge Day, so it’s the perfect day to treat yourself! Grab that dress you’ve been eyeing, or that video game you’ve been waiting for a discount on. Just try not to drain your wallet too much. Otherwise you might find yourself with buyer’s remorse.

PC Games

If you’ll have more free time this summer, why not spend those precious hours playing your favorite PC games? The Steam Summer Sale will kick off on June 25 and offer a variety of deals until July 9. Last year, Steam’s sale knocked up to 85% off, and we expect similar — if not the same — high discounts for summer 2019.

Interested in DRM-free titles? GOG is having its own summer sale in a repeat of last year. In 2018, the store took up to 90% off titles for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and threw in a free copy of another game with orders of at least $5. This year’s sale also takes up to 90% off, with new games featured as 24-hour flash deals.

Spring Clothes

June might not be a good time for summer items, but clearance racks should have transitional sartorial selections from spring. Look for stores like Sperry, Nautica, Ann Taylor, and Eddie Bauer to take anywhere from 50% to 60% off.

Need sandals for summer? 6pmClarks, and DSW could cut anywhere from 40% to 85% off a variety of styles. Last year, we saw flip-flops for only $1 at Old Navy, while more fashion-forward kicks were still affordable at around $20.

Watch for men’s shorts to fall as low as $6, and for stores like Aeropostale to offer shorts and T-shirts in buy one, get two free deals. T-shirts in general could drop to $4 — in 2018, Walmart, Champion, and GameStop all had items that low. And if you’re hunting for dresses, look for prices to fall as low as $10.

Cheap Movie Tickets for the Family

Summer vacation is exciting for kids, as it means no school. But it can be tough for parents who need to entertain their little ones while keeping their sanity. Fortunately, several movie theater chains have summer specials to help out.

    • AMC Theatres: Treat your young ones to a kid-friendly movie, as well as a KidsPack from the concession stand, for only $4 plus tax. This special is good on Wednesday mornings only, but runs all summer long.
    • Cinemark Theatres: For 10 weeks, kids can see family-friendly flicks for only $1 per person, per movie. Or you can purchase a summer pass to see all 10 movies for only $5.
    • Regal Theatres: Entertain your family with older movies at a discounted rate. (In the past, tickets have cost as little as $1.)


The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale makes June one of the best times to shop for lingerie. We expect the sale to kick off early in the month, but the good news is that it’ll go on for a while and change as time passes. For instance, last year when it first began, the sale took 25% to 60% off, with free shipping on orders of $50. However, waiting a couple of weeks meant savings of up to 60% off sitewide, plus an additional 25% off clearance items. Unfortunately, the free shipping threshold increased to $75 at that point. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re stocking up, but it’s good to be aware.

Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only store discounting bras and panties, either. Look for Frederick’s of Hollywood to have another huge sale, possibly toward the end of the month. Last year, it took an extra 70% off clearance items via a coupon code, which was the largest discount we’d ever seen for clearance styles from the store. With super-low prices and free shipping on orders of $75, it was another good place to stock up on intimates.

Gym Memberships

Everybody knows January is a good time to grab a gym membership, but if you missed out, you can still find a good deal. As New Year’s resolutions wane, gyms tend to offer special promotions in June to entice new members. Wait until the end of the month to join if you can, as that increases the likelihood of snagging extras or reduced rates.

Workout Gear

In the same realm as gym memberships, June could be a good time to score discounted workout gear. Last year, Lululemon had deals for as little as $7 in its We Made Too Much sale sections, and JackRabbit celebrated International Day of Yoga by taking up to 50% off select yoga items.

Other stores will also boast serious savings. Watch for adidas to have one or two sales this month — last year, it took up to 50% off and an additional 15% off select items. Then later in the month, adidas knocked 30% off sitewide via a coupon and offered free shipping during its Friends & Family Sale.

Free Fishing

Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week with free fishing. Several states will hold license-free fishing days this month on public bodies of water. These permits can be pricey — anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on where you live and what you want to fish — so being able to go without one is a nice perk, especially if fishing isn’t a regular hobby of yours.

If you need new gear to test the waters, look to stores like Bass Pro Shops and Dick’s Sporting Goods. In 2018, Bass Pro’s Father’s Day sale dropped deals to as little as $3, plus provided free shipping on orders of $50. And Dick’s Sporting Goods knocked up to 75% off during a flash sale; free shipping applied to orders of $49.

Air Conditioners

Seasonal items aren’t typically on sale when you need them. However, for air conditioners, we saw more deals last June than during any other summer month. So if you’re in need of a new unit, snap one up at the beginning of the season, before the temperatures climb too much.

Kohl’s offered a Frigidaire window unit for $112 in 2018, bundling it with $20 Kohl’s Cash to sweeten the deal. We also saw low prices from other big-name brands, including Whirlpool, Honeywell, and GE. And if you’re OK with refurbished models, know that we saw an LG 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner for $155, and a DeLonghi 12,000 BTU air conditioner for $200.

In-Season Fruits and Veggies

You’ll find a ton of fruits in season in June, including apricots, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, kiwi, mangoes, peaches, strawberries, and watermelon. It’s not all about the sweeter produce, either — look for cheaper corn, lettuce, Swiss chard, and zucchini, as well. And if you’re interested in eating locally as well as seasonally, don’t forget about this handy site. You can choose your state, the month, and produce preferences to see what’s in season in your area.


3 Things NOT to Buy in June

Amazon Echo Products

If you’ve held off on adding an Alexa device to your home, now isn’t the time to buy. Wait just a bit longer, as Prime Day will fall in July. Expect that event to bring awesome deals on pretty much the entire Echo lineup from Amazon. In fact, last year, we saw double the amount of deals on these gadgets in July compared to June.


June isn’t a great time to buy a new laptop. Black Friday always yields at least a handful of awesome deals, but even waiting one more month will help. Thanks to back-to-school sales kicking off in July, as well as tax free weekends, it’ll be a far better time to buy than this month.

Summer Clothing

While you’ll have luck finding spring clothes on the clearance racks, don’t expect to see summer apparel hanging next to them. The first discounts on these items don’t typically roll out until the middle of the season, and the really good ones won’t hit until August, at least.


Top 5 Stores for June 2019

  • Victoria’s Secret The store’s semi-annual sale will kick off this month. It’s usually the retailer’s best sale of the year, as well as an excellent opportunity to stock up on cheap lingerie.
  • Bath & Body Works This is another store with a highly anticipated semi-annual sale in June. Expect to see discounts of at least 50% off, though some could climb as high as 75% off.
  • Steam Steam’s Summer Sale will offer two weeks of popular PC games discounted by up to 85%. Make your wish list ASAP, and set up notifications for when those items go on sale.
  • eBay Look for the shopping site to have a few really excellent coupons this month. Last year, it took 15% off $25 orders sitewide, with a max discount of $100. And keep an eye out for an early July 4 coupon to appear at the end of month — in 2018, it popped up around June 27 and offered 20% off $25 orders of a variety of items, such as small appliances, power tools, apparel, and more.
  • The Children’s Place The kids’ clothing retailer will likely have a strong clearance sale mid-month. Look for savings of 80% on clothing, shoes, and even accessories for your little ones. Last year, prices started as low as 99 cents, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


Summary: Treat yourself to free donuts and discounted video games, as well as cheap movies for the whole family.

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