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Key Benefits of Free Coupons For Customers & Businesses

Coupons make shopping more accessible, more affordable and come with many benefits like exclusive deals and special discounts that enhance the experience of buyers and businesses alike.

The use of coupons has been increasing since their apparition in 1887. In their long-standing history, they have taken care of all layers of the population, from military discounts to membership benefits for the poor population.

Nowadays, an exclusive discount on purchases can work wonderfully in the online environment, facilitating transactional processes and supporting economic consciousness in hard times.

Let’s explore their specific use for both the public and businesses.

4 Benefits of Free Coupons for the Public

save money

Markets have adapted to meet consumer needs since the beginning of trading, and coupons have been a remarkable way for this to take place.

Why coupons work to support the general public:

1.      Help you make savings

This is perhaps the most exclusive benefit because coupons exist to allow discounts on a specific purchase. Some discounts can be significant, especially on particular occasions like promotional seasons.

Most coupons will have a smaller percentage.

They accumulate

It’s true that perhaps a 5% discount does not seem to be saving you a lot of money. However, that is not entirely true.

A discount given by a coupon, no matter how little, will accumulate once you acquire more items. In the end, a full shopping cart, whether physical or online, will cost much less with the coupons, regardless of their discount percentage.

2.      Allow for larger purchases

As it naturally derives from the previously listed benefit, it is much more advantageous to use coupons when you buy a lot of things, as the discount accumulates.

Some coupons are designed to encourage buying items in bulk, offering wholesale costs.

Avoid wasting money

Don’t spend coupons on perishable items that may expire in days or weeks. Bulk-buying is recommended when acquiring lasting goods such as:

  • Tissues;
  • Shampoos;
  • Clothes;
  • Make-up;
  • Online offers, etc.

Using the coupons on such items will free up enough of your money to purchase other necessities with a shorter shelf-life, like fresh food.

3.      Keep your standards high

How many times have you settled for offers, clothes, or other products of lesser quality simply because the desired ones were not affordable?

Coupons and vouchers were invented to avoid such sacrifices. You should access the items that suit your needs and your standards with the right coupon.

This works in two ways:

  1. You may receive a coupon that applies a discount to any products from your preferred store or business, either land-based or online;
  2. The discount may apply to specific product lines or services across a series of stores or operators.

The latter occurs mainly in e-commerce, which constitutes a significant advantage.


Your access increases if you place your order from your computer or mobile app. You can get your favourite service or dream item from your preferred store at a percent discount as long as the coupon or voucher covers it.

4.      Help you keep up with general shopping timeframes

All coupons have an expiration date, which determines customers to shop during specific timeframes. Such timeframes are almost always linked to an occasion like:

During such occasions, prices tend to go up quite a lot, but that’s when the number of amazing discounts increases. This helps the public do their seasonal shopping without being too affected by the price rise.

4 Benefits of Free Coupons for Businesses

coupon discount

Retailers, online operators, local stores, supermarkets, and others must keep up with discounts, seasons, and coupons. Otherwise, they will stand no chance against competitors who offer such things.

But coupons help business owners in many other ways:

1.      Maintaining customer relationships

A business that offers coupons regularly will keep its customers coming back.

It’s common knowledge that the public prefers to return to a store or business once they have learned how it works and if they trust it. It’s part of a comfortable routine.

However, that business is more likely to keep its relationship with its customers tight by giving out coupons or a membership card.

In this way, the public will keep an eye on that store, operator, etc., to not miss any free coupons or discount periods.

2.      Attracting new buyers

Aside from the obvious attraction that a coupon represents to potential new customers, the free voucher has an additional role in supporting the expansion of a business.

Most free coupons must include the personal details of the person using them, including their names, addresses, and their email address.

Based on this data alone, you can observe:

  • Which products sell best in a particular location
  • How many new clients come in from specific areas, etc.

This will give you a great idea of the market needs according to location and the chance to better fulfil them by expanding your trading into strategic areas.

3.      Doing your marketing work

When your business is featured on free coupons, it will immediately gain a place in the spotlight.

Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Especially during hard financial times, the number of budget-conscious customers increases.

People will soon be helping each other save up money, especially within family units or in circles of close friends.

So, make sure you make your brand as visible as possible on your coupons, and your sales discounts will be advertising themselves.

4.      Improves your sales efficiency

This benefit is mainly relevant to grocery stores, supermarkets, or other businesses that sell perishable products.

Instead of allowing products to expire and be thrown to waste along with the money you invested in having them up on the shelves or in storage, you could be smart about it:

  • Keep track of expiry dates;
  • Make free coupons for the products that are approaching their expiry dates;
  • Ensure that the availability of the coupon is enough for customers to receive it and use it;
  • Never sell expired products and never put customer safety at risk in this process.

As long as it doesn’t risk the health of customers, this strategy helps the budget-ridden public access high-quality items, supports your business, and acts as free advertising for the respective product line.

Possible Disadvantages of Coupons

Disadvantages Coupons

  • Reduced profit;
  • Fewer customers buy full-priced products or services.

If used without a solid business strategy in place, coupons can do a lot of damage because a business that gives out coupons commits to selling products at a lower profit than the price it paid to purchase the items or produce specific services.

This could also discourage customers from coming back to the business outside of the sales timeframes.

However, coupons will always be to the advantage of the customer. If used at the correct time and on the right things, they can help a business flourish, expand, and retain its clientele.

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