Latte Grade Matcha

Latte-Grade Matcha By Encha

Encha is a Japan-based company that deals with organic and real matcha tea. Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown green tea that is more popular in East Asia. Encha brings Matcha in three different grades, you can choose the one best for the liking of your taste buds.

The three different grades of Matcha tea are described below.

Three Grades Of Matcha Tea

1.      Ceremonial-Grade Matcha

Ceremonial-grade matcha is a ground powder of leaves harvested from the first premium harvest. The leaves are harvested in spring when they are at the most tender stage. Ceremonial matcha is normally mixed in water and consumed. It tastes very elegant, a bit grassy but not bitter at all.

2.      Latte-Grade Matcha

Latte-grade is made from the fine grinding of high-quality leaves harvested during the spring. When consumed in water, the drink gives a slightly bitter taste, which is comparatively stronger than ceremonial-grade matcha. Matcha Latte made with milk is the frothiest and creamiest cup of matcha you will ever enjoy.

3.      Culinary- Grade Matcha

Culinary-grade matcha is taken from premium quality leaves in the second harvest.

Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Consuming Matcha tea brings many benefits to your overall health. You can make either a cold or a hot drink using this green tea. It is native to Japan and has been a part of the Japanese lifestyle for centuries.

Some of the benefits of Matcha Tea are described below.

1.      Loaded With Antioxidants

We all know how crucial antioxidants are for our health. They eliminate any free radicals roaming around inside our bodies. These radicals may lead to various diseases like cancer.

Good news for the ladies as well, matcha helps regenerate skin cells. Thus giving you ageless beauty. It also protects from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

2.      Good For Heart

Some researches prove that consuming green tea is related to lowering the risks of a heart attack. Mainly because green tea can help lower bad cholesterol levels and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. Thus protecting your heart from various illnesses. Some experts think that matcha tea can lower the risk of a heart attack by 11%.

3.      Prevents Many Illnesses

Since matcha tea contains antioxidants, catechin for particular, that is known to prevent or at least lower the risks of cancer cells formation. Therefore, by consuming matcha tea along with a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce or eliminate the risk of getting cancer. Matcha tea has also been known to lower the risk factors involved in causing Type 2 Diabetes. These include body weight, body mass index, and high blood pressure. A cup of matcha every day may be more beneficial for your health than you think.

4.      Helps In Relaxation

When you are looking forward to relaxing from a tiring day, a cup of matcha latte or matcha tea will do the job. It contains an amino acid, L-Theanine which alters brain waves, making a person relaxed and focused. You can achieve a sense of calmness, thus helping your mind and body to work efficiently afterward.

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