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Mobile phone purchase – which is the “right” one?

The mobile phone has become a constant companion for many people. It is the main means of communication to stay in touch with friends and family, a navigator on the road, a research tool for everyday life, entertainment, a tool for work, and much more. Most people (especially young people) spend several hours a day in front of a small screen these days. However, the demands placed on the cell phone are individual and it is therefore important that you find exactly the model that best suits your needs. Here you will find all the information you need to buy your mobile phone.

Cell phone vs. smartphone: What is the difference?

Nowadays, the terms mobile phone and smartphone are used interchangeably. However, that is not entirely correct. The cell phone refers to the classic form of the mobile phone. It, therefore, has a much longer tradition and focuses primarily on the two basic functions: making calls and sending text messages. This simplicity is often reflected in a low price. In addition, modern mobile phones are significantly smaller than a smartphone and mostly equipped with real keyboards. There are also special models with specific advantages, for example with larger fonts and keyboards, especially for seniors. In addition, there are now many intermediate stages between the classic mobile phone and the modern smartphone. They are also referred to as “ feature phones ” and also enable, for example, e-mails to be sent or photographs to be taken using an integrated digital camera. 

The smartphone, on the other hand, is fully equipped, i.e. it includes all the latest state-of-the-art functions. This makes them real all-rounders, which also allow you to make phone calls and text, but also to chat via Messenger, listen to music, edit images, surf the Internet, download apps, and much more. So most people these days are opting for the smartphone, as it offers helpful support in many life situations and is therefore simply a practical everyday helper. However, the purchase prices are correspondingly higher. As you can see, there are definitely differences between mobile phonessmartphones, and their intermediate stages. In the end, you have to decide for yourself what kind of mobile phone you want to buy.

How important is the brand really?

 If you know what kind of cell phone you are looking for, you should think about the brand. This does not mean that it has to be a branded product. On the contrary: there are always good offers for ” no-name products “, for example at discounters or on the Internet, whose quality is convincing in practice. The fewer functions the cell phone has, the more durable it is often. Cheap and simple models, in particular, can therefore be a good investment – but they don’t have to be. So here it is important to get in touch via mobile phone in advance to inform and, for example, to read reviews or test reports in order to make your purchase decision.

However, relying on a branded product does have advantages. You usually have to reckon with a higher price, but you benefit from regular updates and comprehensive service. In addition, branded cell phones are often better equipped and thus offer you a smartphone that is state-of-the-art. Nevertheless, there are big differences in quality when it comes to the functionality, usability, longevity, and many other features of the cell phone. Popular brands include:

The variety of smartphones is now large and they all differ not only visually, but also in terms of their functions or their operating system. Most people have a favorite brand that they associate with attractive designs, good handling, and excellent quality. However, this is often more of a subjective impression than an objective evaluation. Especially the “ iPhone ” from Apple enjoys a real hype and many buyers automatically reach for the same brand again and again as soon as they are satisfied with it. The brand itself is not very meaningful and the differences between the brands are now small. It, therefore, does not necessarily make sense to orientate yourself (exclusively) to a brand, because in the end, it is just a name.

Research and comparison is the motto!

The fact that you are convinced of a brand is often only due to good marketing. But if you really want to find the best cell phone for you, this becomes a minor matter. Instead, it is important to first research which models are suitable for you. You can filter according to various criteria, for example:

  • operating system
  • screen size
  • functions
  • Price

At the end of your research, you will probably have a list of smartphones or cell phones that are worth buying. Now it is time to compare them with each other. As already mentioned, reviews and independent test reports are a good basis. They give you information about important functions, quality features, etc. of the respective models. Little by little you can filter out the mobile phone that you want to buy. If, on the other hand, you can’t decide between two or more models because their “inner values” are equally convincing, you can of course base yourself on the price, the brand, or the look.

Pros and cons: The operating systems in comparison

Another important keyword has been mentioned with the operating system. It makes a difference for you as a user whether you buy a mobile phone with an iOSAndroid, or Windows operating system. Because they all have specific advantages, but also disadvantages:

With regard to the operating system, too, there is no one “right” choice, but ultimately you have to decide for yourself which model from which brand and with which operating system best suits your needs and wishes.

Pros and cons:

 Another important keyword has been mentioned with the operating system. It makes a difference for you as a user whether you buy a mobile phone with an iOSAndroid, or Windows operating system. Because they all have specific advantages, but also disadvantages:



  • Largest selection of free apps
  • Open operating system, so everyone can “co-develop”.
  • Lots of customization options


  • No verification of the apps by the Google Playstore
  • As an open system, it is potentially vulnerable to viruses
  • Lots of ads in the apps
  • Some apps show low level



  • A closed operating system brings great protection against viruses
  • Large selection of apps
  • High quality in the apps
  • intuitive operation
  • Optimum coordination of operating system and hardware


  • Limited functions due to the closed system
  • Limited compatibility means that users are “forced” to buy additional Apple products



  • Design based on the desktop, so that no conversion is necessary
  • High level of security against viruses


  • Hardly any apps are (yet) available

With regard to the operating system, too, there is no one “right” choice, but ultimately you have to decide for yourself which model from which brand and with which operating system best suits your needs and wishes.


In conclusion, it can be said that buying a mobile phone is a complex undertaking these days because the choice is almost endless. For you, this is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time, because you have to answer any questions if you are looking for the perfect model for you – but then you will certainly find a mobile phone with the best price-performance ratio. So as soon as you know (more precisely) what you are looking for and what the differences are between brands, operating systems, and the like, buying a mobile phone becomes an easy task. 

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