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Online Shopping Debt Got You Down? Start Saving Money Now

Although online shopping makes life more convenient, it can also pose a threat to your financial security. Many people find themselves struggling to control their spending online, and they start using coupons to cut corners while they figure out how to replenish their savings. If you’ve found yourself struggling with credit card debt and need to save money, there are some ways you can get out of it while becoming a savvier shopper. Limiting your monthly budget and taking out a personal loan to clear up your existing debt might be worth considering. You can explore personalized loan options online in under 60 seconds. There are also ways to cut down your budget and start spending more responsibly today. One of the easiest ways is through discount apps. They’re completely free, easy to use and can score you major discounts from thousands of stores around the web.


This browser extension is completely free and instantly applies coupons, promo codes and any special deals to your purchases. Whenever you place something in your cart and head to checkout, Honey will begin entering as many different codes it can find. In just a few seconds, it can sort through dozens of coupons and sales offers to get you the best deal. Honey works with over 30,000 stores online, including major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and more.

Score cashback offers easily with the app for iPhone and Android. Whenever you make a purchase, you can get itemized receipts or have your linked loyalty card credited with savings. The app connects to a PayPal account, and there’s no minimum balance required to withdraw. You might get $2 back from toilet paper and be able to start using it immediately. Saving comes easily by either submitting your receipts after purchase or just linking your store loyalty account within the app. It doesn’t score you instant deals before checkout, but incorporating this cashback app into your arsenal of money-saving tools can give you a nice kickback for your regular spending.


Browse trending deals around the web and cash in on limited offers from your favorite stores with RetailMeNot. Everything from Papa John’s specials to coupons for Amazon and IKEA are available through the site. Promo codes and cashback opportunities update regularly, so you’ll always be able to discover new ways to save. If you’re trying to get better at planning your purchases, using this app to chart out potential savings before buying is a great way to shop more sensibly.


If you like looking through your favorite stores’ weekly advertisements, then this is the app for you. Flipp has a stock of over 2,000 vendors’ digital weekly adverts for you to peruse. You can browse by retailer or just search for an item you need. Flipp allows you to also look at different coupons and add them directly to your loyalty card and you won’t have to go through the hassle of saving any coupons or remembering promo codes. Even those frequent online shoppers can save more money by creating lists prior to logging onto their favorite retailers’ sites. Flipp manages shopping lists for you, applying deals and coupons to items you’ve selected. This will help you postpone purchases until you can get a discount or save you money on essentials you were planning to buy anyway.

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