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The Local Locksmith Company provides 24 hour Emergency Mobile Locksmith Services. When you need a “locksmith near me” it important to hire a qualified professional to handle all your lock and key problems. We offer a variety of automotive, residential and commercial services.

Lock repair is a basic service that many frustrated customers call us to assist with when they’ve been fighting a broken key or a broken lock and they have had enough. Most of the time a lock repair can be done quickly with minimal notice and speedy service. A couple of the main causes for a broken key or a broken lock are simple lack of maintenance. Keeping the lock clean and dort fre will go a long way in making your locks last a long time. Another simple maintenance issue is lack of lubrication. Locks have many moving parts that are metal on metal contact points. A little WD40 will go a long way to making sure your locks function flawlessly and the keys turn smoothly.

Another popular service we offer is lock rekeying. We can usually rekey your locks the same day you call because when you change locks is usually a situation that is serious and we understand it needs to be dona ASAP. We can rekey your locks or provide new locks from several popular manufacturers like Kwikset and Schlage. We even offer installation services for keyless entry deadbolt locks. These nice looking locks will add beauty to your door and the convenience of not needing a key.what could be better.

As stated earlier however, we specailize in the Automotvie Locksmith field. Here’s a summary of what our certified automotive locksmith can offer.

car key


When you need a locksmith for your car it’s important to make the right decision. The  Local Locksmith Company is a leader when it comes to all of your automotive locksmith needs. A professional, trained and certified automotive locksmith can help you when you’ve lost your car keys. Here are some of the services we of at The Local Locksmith Company.


We don’t realize how important our car keys really are until we’ve lost our only set of keys. Lucky for you a mobile automotive locksmith technician from The Local Locksmith Company is only a phone call away. We utilize many specialized tools and technics to recreate a lost car key replacement. Our technicians have done many makes and models so you can trust the job will be done correctly. You could choose to go to the dealership for a car key replacement however, our mobile locksmith will come to you on your schedule and you will not have the added expense of a tow bill. The Local Locksmith Company offers a great price, convenience and professional services.


The real savings and necessity of a local locksmith in your community is the ability to provide a quality experience and precise car key duplication services. Our automotive locksmith can duplicate many kinds of automotive keys. We specialize in keymaking so you can expect us to make most side cut keys, high security keys, tibbe keys and VATS keys. We offer a wide range of automotive keys and a key duplication service that is accurate nearly 100 percent of the time. A key copy kiosk in a shopping center or your hardware store may be able to copy a key for your house or a padlock but you should turn to The Local locksmith Company all of your automotive car key duplication needs.


Car keys have become more advanced in recent years and at The Local Locksmith Company we are on the cutting edge of key technology. A hardware store key service or key kiosk will likely not be able to provide onsite car key  programming. We are seeing more and more auto manufacturers switching over to push button start keys and these keys are generally model specific with different button configurations. Call The Local Locksmith Company to provide professional and fast car key programming.

You won’t worry because we have over 500 5 star Google reviews on our Google Business Profile. We want you to know that we treat every job as if we were working on our very own home. We treat you with respect and we inform you throughout the job if anything has changed.

Do we come to you? Yes, we are a mobile locksmith. That means we come to your location for lockouts, rekeys and car key replacements. Our response times are fast and if you’d like we can update you to keep you informed of arrival times.

We offer most car key locksmith services and 24 hour emergency locksmith services like car door unlocking. When you want a full service locksmith you should contact The Local Locksmith Company because “We are the #1 Downriver Locksmith”.

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