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Promo Codes and Where to Find Them

Online shopping is so profitable with promo codes. They give you access to discounts, free shipping, and special offers, contributing to your personal finance effectiveness. The promo code’s main advantages are that they’re distributed for free and easy to use. You can find them on online stores and discount-dedicated websites. This article explains what promo codes are and where to find them.

What is a Promo Code

A promo code is an electronic counterpart of paper flyers and discount coupons, containing a secret code inside: a word, a set of numbers, or a combination of symbols. The customer is prompted to use a promo code when purchasing their shopping cart’s content. If they agree to use it, one of the benefits will become available.

Types of Promo Codes

Depending on the type of benefit, the following types of promo codes can be distinguished:

  • The most common are discount codes. They allow you to purchase goods at a reduced price. 
  • Promo codes for free delivery allow you to save money on transportation. Delivery, in this case, is made at the expense of the store.
  • Gift codes, when activated, add a free product or service to one’s order.
  • Bonus codes allow you to get bonus points under loyalty programs.
  • Promo codes for cashback allow customers to refund part of their purchase cost. The cashback amount is defined as a percentage of the order price. This amount is transferred to one’s payment card in cash equivalent or is credited to the client’s account in the form of bonuses under a discount program. 

Five Important Facts About Promo Codes

  1. Most codes have an expiration date. You can activate them only within a certain period. The validity period can be limited to a few months or a few hours.
  2. Discounts and bonuses provided by promo codes are often valid only for products sold at their regular price. Sometimes, they are also valid for products whose price has been reduced. 
  3. Often, customers can’t use promo codes in conjunction with a loyalty program discount. You can learn more about this in the rules of the discount program of a particular store.
  4. One can apply only one promo code to one order.
  5. Promo codes will work if the necessary conditions are met. Such conditions include brand restrictions, quantity restrictions, minimum or maximum order amount, etc. These conditions are necessarily spelled out in the coupon description.

How to Use Promo Codes: Tips for the Beginner

Some promo codes and coupons are automatically activated when one selects goods from the promotional catalog. They contain a link leading to a special online store page where products or services are offered at a reduced price. Just make your choice and place your order.

Other promo codes require activation in the cart. Inside such codes, a unique combination of characters, a word, or a series of numbers is hidden.

Copy this secret code and proceed to the checkout step. Find a special field with a name like “Promo code,” “Coupon,” “Discount Code,” or a similar one, and paste the code into it.

Where to Look for Promo codes: 5 Trusted Places

  1. A special section of an online store. Its title is usually “Promotions,” “Discounts,” “Sales,” “Special offers,” etc.
  2. Social networks. All companies have their pages on social networks, where, in addition to advertising posts with descriptions of goods and services, announcements of promotions and sales are posted.
  3. YouTube bloggers. Often collaborating with brands, bloggers offer, in their videos, exclusive promo codes for discounts in certain stores.
  4. E-mail newsletters. Almost all companies doing business on the Internet offer a subscription to their newsletters. The user simply has to leave an email address in a special form on the company’s site, and then they’ll receive messages about new products, the beginning of sales, discounts, and promotions.
  5. Dedicated coupon sites. These are aggregator sites with innumerable offers ranging from coach outlet promo codes to guinea pig food discounts. They offer up-to-date information about discounts and other savings options.


Considering what you have just read, don’t hurry to buy a product or service that you feel you like. Look for better propositions — those involving promo codes. Make purchases intelligently, and don’t overpay!

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