Protecting walls during relocation

There are many things to consider when moving. Preparing to move includes packing personal belongings, wrapping unusually shaped objects, and securing the surroundings. Professional Zeromax movers usually take measurements and assess the area because some bulky items will not be able to pass through doors without difficulty. This makes walls and sharp edges susceptible to damage, holes, and marks that may be difficult to clean. To avoid such issues, taking precautions prior to the move is essential. Movers with a wealth of experience can offer valuable tips and advice on how to protect walls when moving.

Importance of safeguarding walls

When preparing for a move, it is not only important to declutter and clean each room but it’s also important to prepare to welcome professional movers. Their task is to not only pack your important items, and dismantle pieces of furniture, but to also get everything out of your home and loaded into the truck. Large objects may damage walls and their surface thus the need for temporary wall protection.

Below are some of the best tips offered by experienced movers.

Things to consider when keeping your walls protected

It is important to consider how furniture will be moved and to also figure out the most efficient route to ensure you don’t make sharp turns or corners. Irrespective of this thoughtful consideration, certain areas would require protection and it is necessary to identify these areas. Corner padding can be bought for walls, as well as other protective materials.

Another precaution taken is to have large pieces of furniture dismantled by moving experts. You don’t want to ruin any walls by trying to get your desk in your doorway. Nor do you want to smash ceilings with a tall bookcase. To protect your furniture from damage, you can have your furniture taken apart and then wrapped with plastic wrap. These are some of the measures that you can take on your own.

So, how do professional moving companies prepare their surroundings for an upcoming relocation?

How do professional movers manage wall protection?

Expert movers have different tools and equipment at their disposal. To make things go faster, they already know what kind of tools and protective equipment is needed, and therefore they bring the necessary ones along to make sure walls are protected.

After completing all assessments, movers may apply protective corners to walls. It is possible to protect narrow corridors by using old blankets or cardboard boxes. The movers may also offer specific wall scratch protectors to cover the areas that need to be protected and ensure that walls are not damaged. For very small spaces it is essential to add padding to protect sharp edges.

Common types of wall protection

Professional movers use these items to avoid damaging walls and other surfaces in the house damaged during a relocation:

  • Wall strips
  • Handrails
  • Sheets
  • Guards for wall corners
  • Crash rails

Other items include locators for beds, heavy-duty tapes, rails for chairs, kick plates, edge protectors, etc. In addition to this, some businesses have dollies, which they use to easily lift and transport heavy or large objects. Doing the right thing and using the right equipment, makes everything go effortlessly and allows the moving experts to avoid any wall damage, even on premises that are small in size.

Additional factors to consider

It’s rare for movers to accidentally scratch or damage walls. If they damage your walls it is important to notify the moving company and report the damage since they are usually accountable to provide insurance. However, this does not happen often as professional movers are generally careful. They are also responsible for many different tasks, such as the ones listed below:

  • Unpacking and packing, by using a wide range of packing materials
  • Selecting the right-sized moving truck
  • Reassembling and dismantling large pieces of furniture
  • Providing information and support
  • Loading and unloading
  • Implementing previously developed moving plans

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the moving company for a no-cost estimate.

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