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Save up to 50% OFF on Arrtx gouache paint deals: Art supplies MONEY-SAVING guide 2021

Hi my friends, still debating what to add to your cart this Black Friday?

Congratulations, you’re not far from saving money after reading this article. This Black Friday, Arrtx has prepared 2 of their best-selling products for you.

As an artist who loves everything in life and art itself, you may have used markers, watercolor paints, etc., but have you ever used these lovely jelly gouache sets?

What is gouache?

Gouache is a kind of opaque watercolor paint and it can be re-wetted and dried to a matte finish.

Arrtx gouache paint comes with 18 colors. 16 vibrant colors and 2 white colors for you to mix with other colors; the special jelly cups are designed for easier carrying. Both art beginners and professionals can easily and happily get started with it.


Want to know more?

Let’s watch this Ghibli scenes painting video by Jimena Reno

Or you can read this review from Lindsay Weirich:

This Black Friday, we’ve decided to give artists an unprecedented discount of up to 50% OFF that you don’t want to miss:

Arrtx Jelly Gouache (Flowerless)

Arrtx Jelly Gouache (Mint Green)

Everyone can be an artist, let’s grab these super deals right now.

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