Securing Serenity in Three Steps

There are countless benefits in realizing healthy ways to relax, and new methods are being discovered all the time.

Settling your mind and body is life-changing. It can improve your outlook, lower your blood pressure and reduce stress hormones in your brain.  Chronic pain can also be alleviated by calming down, and over 50 million Americans suffer from this condition.  With so many advantages to seeking serenity, it’s a wonder more people don’t purposefully pursue it!

Part of the reason people are slower to seek serenity is the vast number of options. It’s easy to become confused about which peaceful practices or products work.  Plus, although its healthy to ease your activity and settle your stance, not all endeavors associated with relaxing are actually good for you. While some people prefer reading or taking a warm bath, others pursue couch surfing and booze binging. And these activities are not healthy!

People also gravitate towards their preferences.  We are creatures of habit, after all.  However, this does not mean practices are created equally, or that they are nourishing for your mind and body.  Plus like all habits, relaxing routines can be easy to form but hard to break. So choosing the most advantageous activity or item with the best health benefit is key.

To help you decipher the dilemma of destressing consider these quick and easy steps for achieving better, easier and quicker relaxation.

Try Delta 8

Delta 8 products boast numerous benefits to help you decompress, from easing anxiety to treating insomnia to reducing muscle pain.  One of the ways it does this is by activating serotonin receptors in the brain, which helps alleviate anxiety and elevate feelings of pleasure.  Also, as Delta 8 contains a mild form of THC along with CBD, another chemical found in the hemp plant. This assists in taking the edge off whatever strain occurred during the day and making you feel happy.  Delta 8 also lowers stress and reduces inflammation in the body.  Its value is so apparent it is almost too good to be true – plus the ways of taking it are incredibly diverse.  Delta 8 can be smoked, absorbed through the skin as a bath/body product, vaped in social settings and consumed through gummies, pills or baked goods.   Although many consumers are new to Delta 8 merchandise, the market for them is becoming richer every day.

Use a Theragun

The Theragun is a tool for performing massages on your body.  Although it looks like a drill you could use to fix a household appliance, its purpose hits closer to home – it relieves soreness and muscle pain in some of the deepest and hardest to reach places on your body.  Its therapeutic percussive rhythm drums deep tissue at 2400 pulses per minute on high and 1750 pulses on low.  It also features a kneading massage head that can bring down 60 pounds of force on your aches!.  The Theragun increases blood flow in the body, breaks up scar tissue and can improve your body’s agility and range of motion.  These are among the reasons it is used so commonly by both sedentary and more active people to treat pain and stiffness.

Listen to a Dohm Sound Machine

While Delta 8 and the Theragun are relatively new inventions, the Dohm sound machine has been around for decades and is one of the best and most reliable ways to hear white noise.  What is white noise, you may be thinking? It’s soothing, ambient noise which creates a relaxing audible environment for detachment from the everyday. The result of this environment is better and less stressful space for your mind, privacy from unsettling or jarring sounds and ultimately better sleep if leveraged at night.  The Dohm Sound Machine’s use as a natural barrier against noxious noise also makes it a welcome feature of a home office or bedroom and an essential element on travel to unaccustomed locations.  The Dohm Sound Machine is available in a variety of colors, guaranteeing its use can be flexed as either a feature or unseen attribute of any room.

Unfortunately in today’s fast-paced world taking time to relax is not always a priority.  In fact in many cases, relaxing takes a back seat to being productive in the moment.  This situation is made far worse by the fact that options for relaxing are not created equally. Healthy and holistic approaches don’t always receive the attention they deserve when weighed against less commanding but more customary routines. This causes people to experience a variety of reduced or even negative health outcomes. Additionally these options can work even better when used together! For example, you could eat a Delta 8 gummy after a workout, massage your muscles with your Theragun and the stretch out in a dimly lit space with your Dohm.  What a peace-inducing plan!

It is time to turn away from the average and explore what is better. Options for bringing the body and mind into equilibrium exist.  Having solid, tangible options to retreat and reset physically and mentally is a good first step.  By taking the time to relax can you  achieve the stability, sense of balance and peace you’ve always wanted.  All it takes is purposefully securing serenity.

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