shop safely on amazon during prime day stop getting price gouged

Shop Safely On Amazon During Prime Day: Stop Getting Price Gouged

Prime Day on Amazon is right around the corner this October 13th and 14th.   In 2019, Amazon made over 7.16 billion dollars on Prime Day.  During these challenging times, we have enough things to worry about-getting prices gouged on Amazon is not one of them. How often do you assume you are getting the best price when you are buying online?  

I am a mom and an Amazon Prime member.  I truly believed that when I purchased products on Amazon during Prime Day or any other day I was getting the price either because of my Prime membership or because the product was listed as an Amazon Choice or Best Seller.  

Consumer advocacy group US PIRG, published a report, finding price-gouging on Amazon. The report compared the cost of 10 food, health, and cleaning product prices on Amazon to Walmart, Target, and others. They found items on Amazon were two to 14 times more expensive than the identical product sold on other retailers’ websites.

My husband is the CEO/Founder of 3PM Solutions, an AI company for e-commerce, was disgusted by seeing consumers getting price-gouged on Amazon. He developed 3PM Shop, the first price comparison tool for e-commerce.  3PM Shop compares prices on Amazon, Walmart, and Target. It’s like Priceline, but for e-commerce.

See what 3PM Shop found when I went to buy hand sanitizer on Amazon:

$65 For Hand Sanitizer!

3PM Shop helps consumers find the best prices. In some cases, the best price could be another listing or another retailer.  Below are the alternate listings 3PM Shop found for Neutrogena Hydro Boost.

3PM Shop’s Price-Comparison tool is currently FREE in Google’s Chrome store under 3PM Shop. The download is easy to install and the insights will automatically appear in your browser when you shop on Try 3PM Shop today and start shopping safely.  Download below and happy shopping!


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