Sivrock – An Affordable Fat Tire eBike Brand With a Great First Product!

Fat tire ebikes are dope… and Sivrock is trying to make them affordable for the masses. Their first product (the CJ500) is up for grabs for $1499 – and it’s worth every cent!

Fat tire electric bikes might be a relatively new thing, but fat tire bicycles are not. They have been used for traveling on snow and sand as back as the 1980s – all thanks to their wider tire profile that distributes your net weight over a larger surface area and prevents your bicycle from digging into soft terrains.

Understandably, when fat tire electric bikes were first unveiled, their initial customers were those who encountered sandy, snowy, or muddy terrains in their commutes. However, with time, their usage expanded to rugged tracks and even mountains, mainly due to their superior shock-absorbing ability. This unrivaled level of comfort even enticed many urban users!

Anyways, the point is, these ebikes are dope beyond words. Yeah, they can be a bit expensive, for obvious reasons – but more and more brands are popping up every week to make them affordable for everyone. Sivrock is one such brand that caught my attention recently.

It started with just one and only one aim: to make fat tire ebikes accessible to the masses. And the guys at Sivrock have done a great job with their first bike – the Sivrock CJ500. It’s a front suspension fat tire ebike powered by a 48V 1000W motor and sets you back (now) for $1,499 – a whole $200 less than what it originally costs.

Sivrock CJ500 Fat Tire Ebike. Image Credit: Sivrock

The reason this brand (and their bike) caught my attention is simple: the CJ500 offers great value for money! Its performance rivals that of $2000+ ebikes even though it costs way less!

As I mentioned before, it’s powered by a 48V 1000W motor. It’s a brushless geared hub unit rated at 83Nm of torque. Though not the most powerful motor out there, this kind of torque is sufficient for most off-road applications… unless you’re looking for some pretty serious hardcore off-roading.

A Class 3 ebike, the CJ500 can glide on the tarmac at 28mph, but the top speed comes pre-limited in accordance with the local speed regulations of your state. As for the hills, it has more than enough power to effortlessly climb on the most (reasonably) steepest hill you can encounter in your commute… or during your weekend adventures.

Speaking of which, the CJ500 comes with gigantic 4” fat tires – with a whopping dia of 26.” The CST tires have a thick knobby tread to ensure maximum grip on all kinds of slippery terrains, a wear-resistant build, and a puncture-resistant liner to give you the utmost peace of mind. Not only sand or snow, but you can also confidently use these tires on dirt, mud, gravel, and pretty much anywhere you may want to go.

The tires are quite bumpy in nature, so you can expect a comfortable ride. They absorb all undulations before they can take a toll on you. There’s also a front hydraulic suspension system to further smoothen your ride and absorb any leftover impacts that you may experience while on rugged tracks.

The suspension is both adjustable and lockable, which allows you to modify your shock absorption system to best suit your terrain. For instance, you don’t need the same extent of suspension on city roads as you need off the road, so it’s just a nice little feature to have.

Another thing that helps you adapt your ride to the terrain ahead is the wide-range 7-speed transmission system, which lets you seamlessly shift between gears. You can gear down on hills to get maximum power or gear up on descents to get maximum speed from your drivetrain.

The pedal assist system has 5 different levels to vary how much assistance you can get from the motor. The highest ‘extreme’ mode can help you climb the steepest of hills, while the lowest ‘eco’ mode can help you conserve battery.

Speaking of which, the CJ500 comes with an impressive 48V 15Ah Lithium powerpack – which is on the rather larger side of the spectrum, as you normally see 12 or 13Ah batteries in most sub-$2000 bikes.

The battery is neatly and stealthily integrated into the downtube. It not only increases the overall aesthetics of the bike (sometimes confusing bystanders, where you’re getting that superhuman power from), but also helps protect the battery from weather damage.

As for the mileage, an average full-sized adult can expect a maximum of 60 miles (100km) on the lowest level of pedal assist. The range, like every other bike, drops on full throttle but you can still cruise up to 30 miles (50km). The mileage is also impacted by many other factors – such as the terrain conditions or the weight of the ride.

Sivrock CJ500 Fat Tire Ebike. Image Credit: Sivrock

Speaking of which, the CJ500 has a remarkable load-bearing capacity of 322lbs (150kg), making it suitable for the heaviest of riders out there. Interestingly, the net weight of the bike is not that much; it weighs just 58lbs (27kg). It’s all thanks to its aluminum alloy frame – which is incredibly lightweight yet extremely high-strength.

The frame is not foldable (which can be a deal breaker for those who often throw their bikes in their car trunk or store them in a compact location), but it has a huge upside as well. This kind of frame performs WAY better than the foldable ones on hills, mountains, and rugged tracks. It has more strength and is way more stable.

Last but not least, the CJ500 comes complete with all the safety features you might want in your fat tire ebike. From reliable dual disc brakes with power cut-off levers to a wide-angle front headlight, to a nifty display to show all ride parameters, to even the spoke reflectors, it’s a complete package absolutely worth the tag… or at least worth considering!

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