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The Best Way to Wrap a Round Gift

Wrapping gifts can be fun. However, if you want to pack a bulky or round object, things are different again. Since round objects have no edges, you never quite know how to pack them without the result looking wrinkled and clunky. With the right technique, you’ll be able to wrap your round or cylindrical gift like a pro.

Wrap a round object in wrapping paper

Cut a large piece of wrapping paper.

You will need a long piece of wrapping paper wide enough to cover the item completely. If you place the item in the middle of the wrapping paper blank, there should be about four inches of space on each side. The size of the piece of wrapping paper to cut depends on the size of the gift. To be on the safe side, it’s best to cut off an overly long piece that you can trim down later.

Slide a bowl under the wrapping paper and place your gift inside.

Place your gift on top of the wrapping paper in a bowl or large roll of tape to keep it from rolling around on the table. This makes packing much easier. Once you’ve placed the bowl under the wrapping paper, place the gift in the center of the wrapping paper from the top of the keys. The short sides should be on the left and right of the gift, and the long sides should be in the front and back. Use a bowl or a roll of tape small enough to hold the object in place.

Pull the wrapping paper over the item.

Reach over the gift with one hand and grab the long piece of wrapping paper and place it over the top of the gift. Make sure it’s about the middle of the gift and leave the excess paper on the sides.

Carefully fold the wrapping paper and cover the gift completely.

With one hand, hold one end of the wrapping paper at the top of the gift. With your other hand, grab the other end of the wrapping paper and gently fold it toward the top. Wrap your hand around the gift and grab the ends of the wrapping paper. You can make a large or a small fold, depending on the size of the gift. Once you get to the other side of the ball, continue with your other hand so you can better grab the rest of the wrapping paper.

Tip: Press the wrapping paper tightly against the gift for a nice result.

Tie the excess paper at the top with a ribbon.

Once you have gathered the ends of the wrapping paper on the top side, tie them with a ribbon. You can also use tape for extra security. You can then use scissors to cut off the excess wrapping paper on top until the result looks neat and presentable. Trim the ribbon before folding the wrapping paper so you don’t have to cut it to the right length first.

Fold wrapping paper for round gifts

Place the round object in the center of a piece of wrapping paper.

Measure out a long enough piece of wrapping paper and cut it. Then place your gift in the center so the long sides are at the front and back and the short sides are at the sides.

Tip: With this method, just imagine that you are packing a square box. The wrapping paper won’t fit quite as tightly, but you’ll be able to wrap it up quickly.

Fold the long sides of the paper over the item and glue them in place.

Grab the long edge of the wrapping paper furthest from you and fold it over the top of the gift. Repeat this step with the other long edge of the wrapping paper. Make sure both ends overlap and there is no gap. Then cut a 3 to 4 inch piece of tape and attach the wrapping paper. If your gift is larger, you may need a larger piece of tape or multiple pieces at once. Just take as much tape as you need.

Make triangular folds on the ends of the wrapping paper.

Press down one of the open ends of the wrapping paper so that it rests against the gift. Then fold one side toward the center to create a triangular fold. Repeat this step on the other side so you have a tapered flap. Fold the tabs over as tightly as possible so the wrapping paper fits snugly against the spherical object.

Fold the tab against the item and secure it with tape.

Press the two triangle tabs tightly in the middle. Then place the tapered tab against the gift. Secure the flap with a small piece of tape.

Repeat the previous steps on the other side of the gift.

Hold, fold, and glue the wrapping paper to the other side of the gift in the same way until you’re done wrapping. Smooth out any creases that have formed for a clean result.

Wrap a cylindrical gift

Place the cylinder sideways in the center of the wrapping paper.

Place the gift near the outside of the wrapping paper so that it hits the center of the flat top or bottom of the item. Make sure the paper is long enough to completely wrap the gift and still has an inch overlap at the end. The flat ends of the gift should be facing the long sides of the piece of wrapping paper.

Tip: This method works for long, cylindrical, flat, round gifts.

Roll the short ends of the wrapping paper over the gift.

Pick up one of the short sides and lay it over the round side of the cylinder. Hold the paper while you do the same on the other side. Then use a piece of tape to tape the paper to the overlapping area. Use double-sided tape for a neat result. Before you slide the paper over the gift, place it on the underside of the edge of the paper, then roll up the paper and secure with the tape.

Fold the top edge over one of the flat ends of the gift.

Check that the gift is still centered in the paper tube and carefully fold the top edge of the paper over one of the flat sides. Make sure to place the wrapping paper as neatly and as close to the object as possible.

Make a diagonal triangular fold toward the center.

Hold the top of the paper. Fold the paper on one side and press it in. Create a snug diagonal fold toward the center of the circular end.

Make a second overlapping diagonal fold.

Pinch some loose paper next to the crease you created earlier and repeat the same step. Make a neat diagonal fold that overlaps the one you made earlier. Hold the two folds with one hand so they don’t come loose.

Make more folds around the flat end.

Create more overlapping folds, place them over the flat end of the gift, and finally rotate the gift to fold in the bottom part of the wrapping paper as well. Place the wrapping paper as tightly as possible against the gift so it doesn’t come loose when you switch sides. When you’re done folding, the end of the cylindrical gift should look like a spiral. You can roll the gift around to make folding easier.

Tape the folds in the middle with tape.

When you’re done folding, cut a small piece of tape and place it in the center of the flat end where the folds meet. Repeat the previous steps on the other flat side of the cylinder until you’re done wrapping. If you want to cover the folds, fold or pin a bow across the middle.


Opt for sturdy wrapping paper with a fancy pattern that will distract from your wrapping mistakes. Place the round or bulky item in a gift bag and fill it with tissue paper. These wrapping techniques can also be used with many straight-edged gifts. For example, you can also use the twisting technique to wrap stuffed animals and wine glasses.


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