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The Detailed Guide to Purchasing an Ice Maker

When it comes to purchasing an ice maker, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration to ensure that you purchase the best possible machine for your needs. In this guide, we will discuss some of the key factors that you need to consider when making your decision, so that you can ensure that you end up with the perfect ice maker for your home or office.

Type of Ice Maker

Portable Countertop Ice Maker

First and foremost, you need to consider what types of ice machines you want to purchase. Portable countertop ice makers are stand-alone units that can be placed on a countertop to produce ice. It is usually used in places such as RVs, office pantries, or kitchens.

Commercial Ice Maker

A commercial ice machine is a device that helps businesses to produce large quantities of ice. The most common type of machine is the under-counter ice maker, which is designed for use in restaurants and other food service establishments. These machines can produce large quantities of ice quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for businesses that need a lot of ice on hand.

Type of Ice

Bullet Ice

Another important factor to consider is the type of ice that you want your machine to produce. Bullet ice is directly condensed from water, it is hard to chew, but it can keep your drinks chill. The machines usually have a mold used to form bullets, which have different sizes. Once they are ready to take shape, they will fall into the ice basket.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is made by compressing flakes of ice together. These pellets are popular in restaurants and bars because they are easy to chew, making them ideal for chilling drinks.

Shaved Ice

There are different ways to make shaved ice, but most ice makers use a process that involves freezing water into large sheets or blocks, then shaving the ice into fine pieces through a machine. The ice is then flavored with syrups or other toppings and served.

Ice Cube

Ice cubes are made by an ice maker that has a square-shaped mold. The mold is filled with water and then frozen. Once the ice cube is frozen, it is released from the mold and can be used in drinks or for other purposes.

Product Attributes

Size and Color

Purchase an ice maker to check the size of the unit. There are ice makers that range in size from small to large ones. Make sure your storage space can fit the appliance. You need to know where you will place the device and how much space you have for it. Then, consider the color. Especially if you have a beautiful well-designed kitchen, then your choice of ice maker’s color is rigorous. Gevi pellet ice maker machine has different colors (white or blue) for you to choose from. The design is compact and sleek, which is very suitable for your home.

Capacity and Production Speed

The next factor is capacity. How much ice does your family or business need in a day? Most portable ice makers have a production capacity of between 25 and 45 pounds of ice cubes in 24 hours. If you entertain frequently or have a large family, you’ll need a model with a higher production capacity.

Then, the production speed is one of the key factors to keep in mind that it indicates how many ice cubes the machine can produce in a day. Some machines can produce a batch of ice in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. If you need ice quickly, look for a unit with a high speed.


You need to think about how easy the machine is to use. Some ice makers are very easy to use, like the Gevi nugget ice maker, while others can be quite complicated. If you have no confidence in the ability to operate the machine, it is best to avoid buying complex machines. Instead, opt for an ice maker that is simple to use and that will give you consistent results each time. Normally, the control panel of the ice machine has buttons such as “on / off”, “clean”, or indicators such as “add water” or “full ice”. Some also have a see-through window so you can check on the progress of ice.


Many different factors can affect the price, such as the brand, size, and features. Some portable ice makers can be found for as low as $200, while others can cost over $500. It really depends on what you’re looking for in an ice maker and how much you’re willing to spend. Some brands, like Ge, are more expensive than others, but they may offer better quality and performance.

Noise Level

An ice maker can be a great addition to any kitchen, but you need to be aware of the potential noise level before making your purchase. The noise level of an ice maker can vary depending on the type of machine and how it is used. Some ice makers are very quiet, while others can be quite loud.

You may hear the sound of compressor or fan when the ice machine is running. This is usually normal and nothing to be concerned about. You can place it on a sound-absorbing surface or use sound-dampening materials around the unit to reduce the noise. If your ice maker starts making strange noises, it could be a sign that something is wrong and you should have it checked by a professional.

Refill Water Modes

Another thing to consider is whether you want to add water automatically or manually. Some people don’t like adding water manually, because it will be troublesome. However, some ice makers have both modes for you to choose from.

Power Consumption

Check the wattage of your ice maker, then you can calculate the power consumption of your ice maker. For example, if the wattage of the ice machine is 170 watts, the 24-hour wattage is 4.08 kWh. 4.08 multiplied by 30 days is 122.4 kWh per month. Of course, we don’t recommend turning on the ice maker 24 hours a day, just turn it on in advance when you want ice.

Be sure to read the reviews of any ice maker you are considering to see what other customers have experienced in terms of power consumption. Keep in mind that the power consumption of your ice maker will vary depending on its size, and how often it is used.

After-sale service

An ice maker of good quality can provide customers with a better experience. However, any machine may break down one day. Therefore, the after-sale service is very important.

If your ice maker is broken or not working properly, you can contact the after-sale service of the ice maker to replace or repair it.  Remember to buy warranty service.

Final Tip

Now that you know the factors to consider before purchasing an ice maker, you can start looking for the right one for your needs. There are many brands and models of ice makers on the market. Be sure to read reviews, return policy and compare prices before making your final decision. With a little research, you can find the perfect ice maker for your needs.

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