The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Woman Pregnant


If you and your partner want to, you may be wondering how you can help. Most methods of improving fertility focus on monitoring the woman’s cycle. However, as a man, there are steps you can take to increase your sperm count. There is no guarantee that fertilization will occur, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances!

Increase your sperm count

Wear boxers instead of briefs to cool your testicles.

Tight underwear can decrease your sperm count, likely because your testicles are closer to your body and therefore warmer. If you want a baby, wear loose-fitting underwear instead. For the same reason you should avoid tight pants, hot tubs and sauna sessions. After switching to boxer shorts, it takes up to three months for your sperm count to peak.

Feed yourself

To increase your sperm count, eat a healthy diet that includes vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein like chicken. Also, eat fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and bluefin tuna, which also boost sperm production. Eat foods high in antioxidants like green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to improve your sperm count.

Tip: In addition to avoiding unhealthy snacks such as chips and sweets, you should avoid processed meats such as bacon. Processed meat lowers your sperm count more than any other unhealthy food.

Drive for an hour at least three times a week

An active lifestyle is associated with a higher sperm count. It could have to do with the testosterone boost men get when they engage in intense physical activity. To get the most out of it, you should exercise at least three times a week, but every day is even better. Strength training, especially weight lifting, is particularly effective at increasing testosterone. Don’t ride a bike though, as it can lower sperm count. Obesity can decrease your sperm count, so losing weight through eating healthily and exercising could boost your sperm production. Sport is also a great way to reduce stress. Since high levels of stress can affect the health of your sperm, exercise could also boost your fertility in this way.

If you smoke

Smoking cigarettes can lower your sperm count, making it more difficult for you and your partner to conceive. If you’re having a hard time quitting, use band-aids, gum, or other craving aids. If over-the-counter options don’t work, ask your doctor about prescription medications that may help you quit.

If you drink alcohol, you shouldn’t have more than two drinks a day.

While some people believe that drinking alcohol can reduce fertility, moderate drinking shouldn’t affect your sperm count significantly. If you choose to drink alcohol, limit yourself to two 12 ounce beers or two 2 ounce shots. Also, keep in mind that drinking too much alcohol can affect your ability to maintain an erection during sex. This could also reduce the chances of conception.

Talk to your doctor about your medication.

Some medications can lower your sperm count, including certain antibiotics, antipsychotics, corticosteroids, anabolic steroids, and methadone. If you’re taking one or more of these medications and are having trouble conceiving, ask your doctor if you can take another one instead.

For a holistic approach, see an acupuncturist.

If you’re open to this idea, find a licensed and qualified acupuncturist in your area. Tell him you’re interested in acupuncture to boost your fertility. Then he knows where to place the needles for the best effect. With acupuncture, a licensed professional uses extremely thin needles to prick the skin at strategic points on your body to balance your life force.

Trying to get pregnant

Give up contraception.

When you and your partner are ready for a child, stop using condoms and talk to her about not using hormonal birth control if she is using one. If she uses an implanted contraceptive such as an IUD or a contraceptive implant in her arm, she needs to see a doctor to have it removed. If your partner is using hormonal birth control, it can take up to six months for her hormone levels to return to normal.

Monitor your partner’s ovulation every month.

The best way to get a woman pregnant is to have sex with her at the time she is ovulating or an egg is being released. This usually happens between their menstrual cycles. You can use a calendar to mark the days or use an app for this purpose so that you both get a reminder. You could also monitor your partner’s fertility by taking her basal body temperature once a day, or by observing her cervical mucus.

Have sex at least once a day on your most fertile days.

Once you’ve determined when your partner is ovulating, have sex at least once a day for that week. Since your sperm can survive for up to five days after ejaculation, regular sex during this time will ensure viable sperm will be present when the egg arrives. Even if she’s not ovulating right now, you should have sex two to three times a week. Not only does this increase your chances of conceiving every time, regular sex can also increase your sperm count.

Do not use lubricants during sex.

Lubricants can affect sperm motility, so avoid using them if you can. If you need lube for pleasurable sex, ask your doctor about an option that doesn’t affect your sperm. Even well-known brands can affect the way your sperm work. Baby oil and canola oil are lube alternatives that might work without affecting your sperm.

See a doctor if your partner hasn’t gotten pregnant after a year.

Your GP may request a sperm analysis, which will examine your sperm count and the health of your sperm. If there are problems, they may refer you to a male fertility specialist. Your partner should make an appointment with her doctor at the same time to rule out any problems with her fertility.

Tip: Some medical causes of low sperm count include hormonal imbalance, genetic or physical abnormalities, trauma, infection, excessive alcohol or drug use, and certain medications.

Keep trying!

Don’t get discouraged even if it takes a while for your partner to conceive. Keep having sex regularly and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Most couples find success after a year or two, but it’s also not uncommon for it to take longer.

Final Words

Encourage your girlfriend or wife to take prenatal vitamins. While this won’t increase your chances of conceiving, it will increase your chances of having a healthy baby. Don’t get a girl pregnant unless you’ve talked to her about it first and you’re both sure you’re ready for a baby. Having a child before you are ready can result in intense physical and emotional distress. You must have unprotected sex in order for her to conceive, so make sure neither of you has an STD.


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