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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Drunk Fast

Sometimes, you want to get drunk a little quicker at certain parties and events. Whether you’re just drinking faster or simply reaching for higher-proof drinks, there are of course, ways to get intoxicated faster. But please be careful with this. Binge drinking is risky and often leads to alcohol poisoning. And if you’re drunk early in the evening, it’s easy to find yourself in the hospital by midnight. So know your limit, and take a break when you feel you’re getting too drunk when you’re about to get sick. Alcohol can be fun, but your health should always be your top priority.

Stick to the right drinks

Pay attention to the alcohol content.

Different beers, ciders and other alcoholic beverages contain different amounts of alcohol. To get drunk quickly, you should consume drinks with a higher alcohol content. Usually the bottle says how much alcohol a drink contains. A higher percentage means you’re more likely to get drunk on the drink faster. Beers with a higher alcohol content sometimes go up to 15 or 18% alcohol. They often come from smaller, independent breweries rather than the big bulk bottling plants. Even a beer with 11% alcohol is damn strong. If you can’t find anything in the 15-18% range, look for a beer with around 11%. Again, remember that you should know your limits. A couple of strong beers can be enough to get you stone drunk. Be sure to slow down or stop drinking altogether when you feel the alcohol getting to your head. If you get dizzy or sick, stop immediately. It is usually almost too late by then. If you throw up, you won’t have anything from the evening.

Mix diet soda with alcohol.

If you mix booze and diet coke, you’ll get drunk faster. This may be because the body recognizes regular soda as food, inhibiting alcohol absorption. Diet soda, on the other hand, he doesn’t treat as food, so the alcohol can be absorbed more quickly. You don’t necessarily notice that mixing diet drinks with booze gets you drunk faster. So in this case, pay even more attention to what your body feeling is telling you and don’t overestimate yourself. Under no circumstances should you drive after you’ve had a drink like this.

Drink carbonated beverages.

Some people get drunk faster from fizzy drinks. Order something sparkling if you want to get in the mood quickly and like champagne and spritzers. Carbonated drinks include champagne, sparkling wine, wine spritzers, and anything mixed with tonic water.

Drink liquor rather than beer.

Hard liquor almost certainly gets you drunk faster than beer or wine because it has a higher alcohol content. Shots are particularly effective because you drink them quickly. Vodka, in particular, has repeatedly proved to be an accelerator when getting drunk. So if you’re in a hurry, have a booze. Don’t forget that drinks are stronger or weaker depending on your drinking bar. Some bartenders mix more than one shot into a mixed drink. You can always order a double XY. That way you get double the amount of liquor in one drink, and if you drink it reasonably, you’ll get drunk pretty quickly. Schnapps contains a lot of alcohol. Too much of it can be very bad, so don’t drink more than one or two shots a night.

Eat and drink sensibly

Take it easy on drinking.

Stress can slow down the effects of alcohol. Being stressed while drinking could affect your high. Relax before you go out. Do something nice before meeting up with your friends at a bar. Watch your favorite series, read a book, or engage in breathing techniques. Go out with friends who are good for you and will help reduce your stress levels instead of increasing them. If you hang out with inherently stressful people, you may not get drunk as easily.

Eat something light before you drink.

You should never drink on an empty stomach. That can be very dangerous. However, you shouldn’t binge yourself either, because too much food in your stomach will hinder your body from absorbing alcohol. It can take a lot longer to feel tipsy after a lavish dinner. So it is best to have a light meal a few hours before drinking. A salad with chicken, a portion of fish or pasta, or a sandwich work well to create a healthy foundation. Again, don’t drink on an empty stomach. Yes, it would get you drunk faster. But it’s quite certain that it will also take you from “hilarious and tipsy” to “stock drunk and miserable” in no time. It’s also very, very unhealthy.

Drink in a group.

If you drink with friends, you’re quite likely to drink faster. People in a group tend to finish their glasses faster, and drinking faster makes you drunk faster. You will also drink more in one evening. And all of this leads to you reaching a more intense high faster. Keep an eye on your consumption. When drinking in a group, it’s easy to misjudge and drink too much, especially if the rest of the group has a higher alcohol tolerance. So count your drinks and pay attention to signals from your body. If you start to feel uncomfortable, then you should stop, even if your friends are still happily drinking.

Drink from a bulbous glass.

If you’re drinking from a regular beer glass, it can take you longer to get drunk. Bulbous glasses or champagne flutes make you drunk faster. That’s because it’s harder to estimate how much you’ve already drunk from bulbous glasses. Then, when in doubt, take another sip. If you’re drinking at a bar, the most likely way to get a bulbous glass is to order beer or champagne. You can pick up some cheap bulbous glasses at the department store for a cozy evening of drinking at home.

Don’t forget your health

Know your limit.

You need to know your limits if you want to get drunk fast. You certainly don’t want to end up choking over the toilet bowl. So pay close attention to how much you can and should actually drink and stop early enough. You may already know your limit from previous experiences with alcohol. Roughly in the sense of after the fourth drink, the film tears usually set in and I get dizzy. If you’re new to drinking, you may find it difficult to gauge your tolerance. In this case, you have to pay extra attention to your physical signals. If you feel sick or dizzy, stop immediately. You can also ask a friend to take care of you and let you know if you seem to be losing control. Even if you’re drunk, you always have to stay in control of the situation. The faster you drink, the more difficult this can become. If you find yourself getting very high, be sure to take a break. You don’t have to constantly intoxicate yourself to keep up the high. When you are drunk you should always stop.

Never drink on an empty stomach.

A lot of people intentionally don’t eat before a party so they get drunk faster. That’s never a good idea. Always eat something, even if it’s just a little, before you start drinking. You should also keep nibbling on something during the evening. Protein-rich snacks such as nuts or cheese snacks are well suited.

Try to drink in moderation most of the time.

Of course, getting drunk can be fun, especially at parties and events. In the long term, however, alcohol can seriously damage your health. So it’s best to settle for a drink or two most of the time. This way you stay on the safe side and above all healthy.

Check your medication before you drink.

Alcohol does not mix well with some medications. If you know you’re going to get drunk, be sure to read the package inserts of any medications you may need to take beforehand. Make sure there is no risk of interactions. Don’t take painkillers after a night of drinking. It can interact with the residual alcohol and you risk damage to your liver and other organs. Painkillers containing paracetamol are particularly dangerous.


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