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The Ultimate Guide to Wrapping a Bottle as a Gift

Bottles and other oblong objects Objects are very difficult to pack. If you need something quick and easy, you can use gift bags, wrappers, and foil. If you’re not in a hurry, you can wrap your bottle in less than 15 minutes with wrapping paper and a decorative bow. So that the bottle does not break during transport, you can make a protective cover out of a cardboard tube and then line it with wrapping paper.

Fast and easy methods

Put the bottle in a gift bag.

If you’re using a gift bag, stuff the space with tissue paper or newspaper to protect the bottle and prevent it from falling over. You can find special bottle sleeves at home decor or home supply stores to better protect your bottle gift.

Wrap the bottle like candy.

Place the wrapping paper against the bottle and cut it off a few inches above the neck of the bottle. Place the bottle in the center of the wrapping paper. Roll up the bottle in the paper. Twist the ends and secure with ribbons that you tie in a simple knot. Fan out the ends of the wrapping paper to make the wrapped bottle look like one big candy. Unfortunately, if the bottle is packed using this method, you can no longer stand it upright. So be extra careful when putting the bottle down – it could easily roll away.

Place the bottle in a rectangular box that you line with wrapping paper.

Your bottle might fit perfectly into an oblong package, such as a shoe box. You can stuff oversized boxes with tissue paper or newspaper. Once you’ve put the bottle in the box, take out the wrapping paper, scissors, and tape to wrap the gift neatly. A simple colored bow can add a personal touch to a box or wrapped bottle.

Wrap several layers of tissue paper around the bottle.

Lay several layers of tissue paper on top of each other and place the bottle in the middle of the paper. Pick up the opposite corners of the layers of tissue paper and tie them together at the neck of the bottle. Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the bottle and use it to fasten the tissue paper in a stylish way.

Wrap bottles in gift wrap.

Cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to fit the entire bottle. Place the bottle on top and twist the corners at the top of the bottle together. Secure the corners with a ribbon or piece of tape. Gift wrap is available in many bright colors that you can mix and match creatively. Unleash your creativity by using tissue paper and wrapping paper together. For example, if you put a layer of tissue paper under the wrapping paper, the result could look pretty fancy.

Use wrapping paper

Cut the first piece of wrapping paper.

Cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to cover the bottle completely. For starters, it’s better that you overcut rather than undercut. You can always trim off the excess when wrapping. If you cut off too little paper from the start, you will later have to work with several cuts laboriously.

Attach the paper to the bottle with double-sided tape.

Lay the bottle flat against one end of the wrapping paper. Tape the end of the paper to the bottle with double-sided tape.

Cut off excess paper.

Roll the bottle loosely in the paper to see how much wrapping paper will survive. You need enough paper to cover the bottle completely, but you don’t want it to overlap too much. The top and bottom ends of the paper should be short enough to fold flat onto the top and bottom of the bottle without overlapping.

Reroll the paper and cut slits at the top and bottom.

After cutting off the excess paper, roll the bottle up in the paper again. Attach the paper to the overlapping area with double-sided tape. Take a pair of scissors and cut the top and bottom of the paper evenly. The top and bottom ends of the paper should be cut to the bottle.

Attach the paper to the top and bottom of the bottle.

Fold in the wrapping paper you cut into the bottom of the bottle. Before you fold in the last cut piece, cover the already folded pieces with double-sided tape. Press the last cut piece onto the tape. Attach the wrapping paper to the top of the bottle similarly by folding in the cut pieces of wrapping paper and securing them with double-sided tape.

Attach a bow to the top with double-sided tape.

Place a ribbon under the bottle and pull the ribbon ends together at the top of the bottle. Put a piece of double-sided tape on the top wrapped portion of the bottle. Tie the ribbon with a simple bow and press it onto the double-sided tape.

Pack a round bottle carton

Purchase a bottle carton and matching lids.

You can buy such a box in many decoration shops or on the Internet. Bottles vary widely in width, but most should fit in a box at least three inches wide. If your bottle is wider, you will definitely find a matching box.

Measure and cut the cardboard.

Put the bottle in the box. Make a mark about an inch above the bottle. Retrieve the bottle and cut off the top excess piece of cardboard using cardboard scissors, box cutters, or a handsaw. You will only be able to cut bottle cartons made of particularly robust material with a hand saw. Pay attention to your safety when sawing and cutting.

Insert the bottle and seal the box with a lid.

If the bottle carton is open from both sides, close the bottom with a lid. Use tape to attach the lid to the box from the outside. In this way, you improve the hold of the lid and the bottle does not fall out so easily. Some lids are difficult to insert. You may need to force the lid into the box by pressing the box against a solid surface (such as a table).

Wrap the bottle carton in wrapping paper.

Secure one end of the wrapping paper with double-sided tape. Wrap the cardboard tightly in the paper. Attach the wrapping paper to the overlapping area with double-sided tape.

Cut off the excess paper and insert the bottle.

Any wrapping paper that protrudes from the top or bottom of the bottle tube can be trimmed off. Put the bottle in the bottle carton. Put a second lid on top; now, your bottle is almost completely packed.

Glue a bow or other decoration to the wrapped carton of bottles.

Fabric ribbon bows on the top or bottom of the wrapped bottle carton make the gift a real eye-catcher. A loop to attach gives the gift a personal touch. If you want the recipient to remember your gift for a long time, decorate it with glitter and sequins.


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