Carbon Offsetting

Three Things You Should Know About Carbon Offsetting

Energy providers in the UK are moving towards providing ‘Green Energy’ and becoming as carbon neutral as possible. According to Utility Bidder, there are more options for 100% green energy providers in the UK than there have ever been before. Supplying green energy can be slightly controversial because this also includes carbon offsetting. It is important to remember that carbon offsetting is not the same as providing ‘clean’ green energy.

What Is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a method to offset the damage done by whatever method of energy production the energy supplier uses by investing in green projects or planting more trees. Depending on the number of trees planted or the amount of total investment made into green projects, the energy supplier will have offset the damage done by their chosen method of energy production. In other words, the energy might have been generated by ‘dirty’ power generation methods. But the overall organisation’s contribution towards green energy will offset the damage done by their energy production. 

Do Green Energy Suppliers Provide 100% Green Energy?

Carbon offsetting methods and techniques are focused on the goal to reduce our dependence and reliance on generating energy by burning fossil fuels. Energy suppliers and consumers understand that depending on a limited reserve of fossil fuels is not a sustainable method to generate energy in the long run. This is why investment into new infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to generate energy is being applauded by both government policies and consumer interest. The main goal here is to obstruct carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

While some energy suppliers might claim to offer you 100% green energy, there is no guarantee that the energy was not generated by using fossil fuels. A single energy supplier in the UK cannot guarantee that their chosen method of supplying green energy is the only one that will be used to deliver energy to your household because they depend on the national network. The national network offers access to both green energy.

How To Select The Best Green Energy Supplier

One of the best ways to tell if your selected energy supplier is using 100% green methods of energy production is to look at their rates. Green energy suppliers have both some of the highest and lowest rates. The energy suppliers that provide green energy will have lower rates in comparison to the so-called green energy suppliers. This is because generating electricity from renewable energy sources is cheaper than using fossil fuels. 

In addition to the rates, green energy suppliers will also have customers with a much higher rate of satisfaction. Since green energy providers will be supplying more power into the national network in comparison to the amount of energy they are extracting, they will be able to provide their consumers with a higher satisfaction rate. Some alleged green energy providers will ask you to plant a tree on your property to help offset the carbon emissions. Understand that these kinds of energy suppliers might have higher rates and still produce energy using fossil fuels.

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